In the mid-1980s the British government planned to install nuclear missiles at strategic military bases in the British Isles. This provoked massive demonstrations on the part of the public, particularly at the Royal Air Force at Greenham Common. A large group of women set up camp outside the base. They began to feel deep depression, overwhelming anxiety, intense migraine-like headaches, and other mental disorders. It was thought that they were being targeted by an electro-magnetic weapon to bring the demonstrations to an end (Redfern). “The Guardian” reported that the “military possessed an intruder detection system called BISS, Base Installation Security System, which operates on a sufficiently high frequency to bounce radar waves off a human body in the vicinity of a perimeter fence.” A further theory followed: that the women were targeted by extremely low frequency weapons. This technology was tested around Taos, New Mexico in the 1990s and is very effective. There was a “hum” heard by about 2% of the population, which was called the Taos Hum. Extensive testing was done without result. Such Hums have since been heard all over the world. 800 people could hear the Bristol Hum in Britain. When the Hum was intense, people had headaches and nosebleeds. The Hum was compared “to a car engine idling some distance away from the people affected”(Redfern). A woman named Sue Taylor, whose ordeal was reported by Colin Dickey in 2016, heard the Hum and tried to find its source. She couldn’t and things got worse. She began to have a cross between vertigo and dizziness, to the point where she felt sick (Redfern). **************** Police in the not too distant future will have non-lethal pressure shields that use low frequency sound waves that target the lungs. They will cut off the breath of rioters, protesters, or anyone marching for a cause. These Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW) are also being considered for battle with an adversary. There is also the LRAD Sound Cannon, which is so loud that it destabilizes people, causing migraines and other illnesses. NLWs would also be a good choice for UN peacekeepers. LRAD are Long Range Acoustic Devices. It is intense sound and is being used as a deterrent to pirates on the seas. This technology was used in the riots in Ferguson in 2014, according to journalist Lily Hay Newman. But Redfern cautions that this technology, if used against legitimate protest of a government policy,”might be perceived as one of the first steps into a full-blown police state” (Redfern). Global Security cautions about a worm in the apple: “High intensity low frequency sound may cause organs to resonate, causing a number of physiological results, including death. Acoustic weapons pose the hazard of being indiscriminate, imposing the same damage on friendlies and noncombatants as on the adversary” (Redfern). Global Security also says that cars and trucks can be affected, especially when targeted by low frequencies.**************************** In 2016 staff at the US Embassy in Cuba were getting sick. They secretly contacted the CIA, DIA and the Army for help in solving the problem. The Alphabets said that the problem was an acoustic-like weapon. They knew Cuba couldn’t do this, so they blamed the Russians. The truth was that Russia gave this technology to Cuba and Cuba was practicing its use. The Americans were “guinea pigs” as the Cubans learned the technology. The Cubans denied everything and further denied any collusion with the Russians. And that’s where things stand now.


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