The Wicked Witch is Dead! I must pause the blog again for another update. Things are moving fast. This information comes from Corey Goode and David Wilcock via Era of Light, which is published on WordPress. I highly recommend it. Corey Goode is an insider; he worked in the secret space program and keeps his contacts. David Wilcock is in contact with multiple insiders. They report that the Alliance is taking down the Elite, Cabal, whatever you want to call it. The Alliance is composed of good guys from the CIA to the Vatican, and everything in the middle, including our military and Russia. They have gathered last minute evidence to make their case as strong as possible. There are secret courts and secret grand juries. They are preparing for secret and coordinated military and civilian trials. The Elite learned that their bodyguards are actually their personal prison guards. They’ve been in custody for months without knowing it. The lower levels of these Elites have been coming forward to the Alliance, turning states evidence and getting immunity in exchange for their testimony. The Alliance didn’t proceed until the FBI, DOJ, DOD, and SCOTUS were cleared of compromised individuals. There are 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books in the US at this time. I can’t imagine that all the Deep State operatives will be arrested. That would mean everyone from Senator McConnell to Hillary Clinton–Special Counsel Mueller to everybody giving Trump a hard time. The conspiracy to dump Trump. If the oppression brought on by the Deep State/Illuminati does go away, I won’t know what to write about. The European Union is coming apart. The One World Government has been strangled in its crib. Trump has isolated the US—I don’t see a North American Union anytime soon—that’s also been killed in its crib. I might write about the life of Jesus according to the Urantia Book. The Bible has a lot of mistakes in it and it’s worthwhile to see them clarified. If things change, I’ll do that. But if there is still oppression, surveillance and uneasiness, I’ll continue with the same subject.

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