The Wicked Witch is Dead. I want to pause the blog for an update on current events. I was watching a presentation by David Wilcock, who has contacts in the black projects. He said there has been a war going on underground, literally underground, and the Cabal was wiped out. Marines were shocked to be fighting 12 foot Reptilians, but they recovered. The Cabal controlled the weather and produced drought in California, but that’s over. On the subject of Antarctica, there are cities under the ice and thousands of people living in them. Light comes from biological species. We may end up living underground because the sun is becoming more dangerous to us by the year. When planes travel at 32,000 feet, passengers and crew get the equivalent of a chest x-ray every 8 minutes. The maximum recommended times is 2 a year. There are huge space stations around the earth which are cloaked by clouds so we can’t see them. I am happy to report that there will be a partial disclosure to the people of ETs and space programs. The people in the space programs especially want this and the ETs are demanding it. Now that the Cabal has less influence, I won’t know what to write about. I’ll have to pick a new subject.

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