It’s Useless To Be Afraid Because There Is So Little We Can Control. But We Can Pray. Since I brought up the subject of the Anunnaki, I should explain them further. Everything I know about them comes from the books of Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010). Sitchin spent his life learning the ancient languages of the Middle East. He went around to museums where ancient tablets are stored and translated the tablets. His expertise for me was his translation of the ancient Hebrew and how it affected the meaning in the Bible. He compared translations of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian with the ancient Hebrew and found that the Old Testament had been mistranslated. For example, ancient translators of Hebrew translate the word “shem” as “name.” The correct translation is “sky vehicle” or “rocket.” The Anunnaki were high-tech and had rockets, airplanes and helicopters. They had to have a long runway for one of those aircraft and they had to have a tower for another craft. Another word mistranslated is “malakhim.” When Abraham was resting before his tent he suddenly saw 3 men in front of him. He immediately served them a meal and they ate and drank. Their feet were dusty and tired and Abraham washed them. Do these sound like angels? But malakhim is translated as angels, which are spirits and don’t eat or drink. Malakhim refers to the Anunnaki, who have come to Abraham to warn him that bombs will be dropping. The leader stays with Abraham while the others go to Sodom to warn Lot, Abraham’s nephew. I think Abraham was more important than the Bible gives him credit for. Abraham came from Ur and his family line went back 3 centuries. His father Terah was an Oracle Priest for the Anunnaki gods. His family would be seen as aristocracy in later times. Also, Abraham may have been an agent of the Anunnaki. He went on at least one mission for them. This may be the reason the leadership of the gods came to warn Abraham of the bombing. Also, it may have been the reason God told Abraham to get out of Ur and then Harran. .******************************* Nibiru, the planet of the Anunnaki, is in orbit around the sun every 3600 years. The orbit is referred to as a shar, and it means a completed cycle. The reign periods of the kings are perfect multiples of the 3600 year shar (Sitchin, The 12th Planet, quoted by Redfern). Their planet, as previously stated, was depleted of atmosphere, and, desperate for any solution, they were trying gold dust. They may also have been eating it; they lived for thousands of years. This had great implications for the human race. As mentioned before, the Anunnaki had been working the mines for 450,000 years, but they needed a break, and humans were created. They combined the DNA of a hominid and their own DNA and produced a slave race just smart enough to follow directions. After the Flood, humans were given the capacity to procreate and their intelligence was given a boost so that they were full-fledged Homo-sapiens. After that they served the gods in many capacities. They built the cities, drained the swamps, planted the fields, started animal husbandry, became priests and kings, developed education, a legal system. They were the first to invent writing and the wheel. Sumer is said to have sprung up “overnight.” The gods had a computerized disc with all the information for starting a civilization, and with this object the gods taught the people everything. Each city had a god. But the gods argued among themselves constantly. Anu was the Supreme leader of the clan, but he stayed on Nibiru. Enlil was Lord of the Command, and his half brother, Enki was Lord of Earth and Water. There was intense jealousy between them because of who would succeed Anu on the throne. One day they took up weapons when they were fighting. Two young men, Nergal and Ninurta, were a little crazier than the rest and found a cache of 7 nuclear missiles and used them. They destroyed large parts of the southern Middle East and Mesopotamia (southern Iraq). Mesopotamia was uninhabitable for a century.********************************* In the Bible the first man is named Adam. The first man created by Enki and Ninharsag (mother goddess) was named Adamu. In Genesis the serpent tempts Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In the Sumerian story it is Enki who is the serpent. The new humans were hybrids so they couldn’t mate. But Enki gave them the ability to procreate and raised their consciousness. God and Enlil were both angry and retaliated. In both stories a Flood was sent to wipe out Mankind, and in both stories a righteous man was instructed to build a ship for his family and all the animals. In Genesis it was Noah whom God chose, and in the Sumerian story it was the Elohim who chose Utnapishtim.********************* In Genesis 6 scholars and other commentators insist on maintaining that the “sons of God” who mated with “the daughters of men” were angels, which is incorrect. They were Nephilim, which means descended (Mauro Biglino, The Book That Will Forever Change Our Ideas About the Bible). They were the sons of the Anunnaki who had just descended from Nibiru and couldn’t find any women of their own race. God in the Bible shouldn’t be capitalized–it should be god. There were 200 of them, and they knew their elders would be furious if they mated with human women, so they made a pact vowing to stick together. And they didn’t teach the women evil, as some commentators allege, but practical skills, such as food preparation, domestic skills, agriculture, reading, writing, astronomy and others. God and Enlil were furious anyway and decided to bring on a Flood. Enlil knew that Nibiru would affect the Earth when it passed, being so much larger. He also knew that the Antarctic ice sheet was slipping. He would just let things play out, get out of the way, and watch it from the air. When the ice sheet fell into the Atlantic Ocean, it created a tsunami of unbelievable proportions. Of course it covered mountains and left mud everywhere. In Mesopotamia they had to dig ditches before they could even think of growing crops. But why was the Father so angry with his children? Enki had given them the ability to procreate, and even God had said Go forth and Multiply. But maybe not so enthusiastically. Sitchin puts it this way: The Deity grieved over the evil “desire of Man’s thoughts.” Man, it would seem, had become a sex maniac (The 12th Planet 376). The hero of the Mesopotamian Deluge account was Zuisudra in Sumerian and Utnapishtim in Akkadian. Utnapishtim told Gilgamesh the secret that the gods held a council and “voted on the destruction of mankind.” Enki told Utnapishtim in a secret way about the coming Flood and how to build a ship. Enki loved mankind. Enlil was angry after the Flood when he found that some humans had survived, but he was so moved by Enki’s eloquence in making excuses that he promoted Utnapishtim and his wife to godhood (The 12th Planet 385).************************* Fast forward to 2003 Iraq. The US military invaded Iraq in 2003, not because of WMDs, not for its oil, but for a Stargate supposedly left behind when the Anunnaki went back to Nibiru (Michael Salla, noted in Redfern). By using a Stargate, a person can go anywhere in the universe instantaneously or even rule the Earth. The Russians and the Europeans had been doing archaeological work in Iraq and George Bush was afraid that the Russians would get their hands on the Stargate before he could. That would make the US a second-rate power. Salla says: “From the perspective of the Bush administration, control of the Sumerian Stargate would enable government organizations to continue their global campaign of nondisclosure of the ET presence. President Hussein probably imagines that in return for his loyalty to the elite Anunnaki he would be rewarded with a position of great global authority. Perhaps he would even see himself as some kind of human savior facilitating the return of the gods who would end the rule of clandestine government organizations perpetuating nondisclosure of the ET presence” (quoted in Redfern). There are reports that the Anunnaki are here, that they’ve been seen in the Pentagon. ETs are definitely here. I don’t agree with those who say abductees are having a holographic experience and that aliens are really demons. The evidence for solid bodied aliens and crafts is just too overwhelming. Humans have been manipulated genetically by aliens for thousands of years. We are, in fact, aliens ourselves. David Jacobs of Temple University says that their ultimate agenda is to control the human race. They are creating hybrids which are sent out into the world to live. Abductees are tasked with helping these hybrids learn how to live and carry on the tasks of daily life in this world. Jacobs has learned that this is going on all over the world. It is a huge agenda with the endgame control of humanity. This is certainly true of the Reptilians, which live underground and have been here for thousands of years. Their endgame is also control of humanity. They are working with the Cabal to turn Earth into a totalitarian one world government. But I think the God of the Old Testament would agree that controlling humanity is a losing battle.

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