Be Not Afraid. Nick Redfern, in his book, “Secret History,” tells us what happened to history:certain significant portions of history have been lost…entire swathes of our history have been easily erased… our history has been suppressed and hidden by those with nefarious agendas…powerful figures have taken maniacal satisfaction in altering history that so many accept while barely asking a single question. The attitude of ‘ignorance is bliss’ is shameful when so much that is hidden should be revealed. First, Redfern compares Moses’ experience receiving the 10 Commandments with others who have had similar experiences with extraterrestrials. In Moses’ incident, there was “flashing and booming” in the sky, a curious “thick cloud” (or “thick darkness”)…and the disembodied voice of God, which all led to theories that Moses encountered ETs, aboard a huge dark-colored spacecraft whose pilots wished to civilize the human race by indoctrinating it with a rigid alien system of rules, regulations and laws (Redfern).********* George Adamski brought fame to himself by inviting contact with aliens. On November 20, 1052, in Blythe, California, Adamski and some friends went looking for aliens. The first ship they saw was cigar-shaped and huge, but it was chased away by interceptor jets. Then, another, smaller craft landed about half a mile away. The pilot appeared and waved. He identified himself as Orthon and claimed to come from Venus. Orthon had a message. He had a warning about atomic weapons and atomic wars. Every atomic blast rips space-time and it affects the whole universe. He refused to be photographed, returned to his ship and sailed away (Redfern). Adamski apparently had a Moses-like experience. Orthon’s footprints had symbols, which, when decoded were warnings for those who “fail to obey the laws of the Infinite Father.” Adamski’s friend, Williamson, finding his calling, started spreading this message. Yet a third incident happens in which an individual receives rules or an artifact. Truman Berthurum was climbing Mormon Mesa in the Nevada desert in 1952 and hunting shells when he had a close encounter with ETs. He was put into an altered state of mind, during which aliens suddenly manifested in front of him. They had arrived in a huge, gleaming flying saucer. The aliens were human-looking, but only 5 feet tall. They claimed to come from a planet called Clarion. Their leader was Captain Aura Rhanes, a shapely Pamela Anderson-type (Redfern). The Clarionites gave out a lot of information about their home planet and also gave Truman a gold plate that outlined the laws that governed their world. This is yet another Moses-like experience in which someone is given a priceless artifact that contained the laws of those same superior beings. Also, there is another comparison. The Clarionites insisted in a somewhat fascist manner that Truman spread their message around–or else (Redfern). The God of the Israelites was a bully, too. I have thought that he was one of the Anunnaki gods–maybe Enlil. Enlil didn’t like humans much. Then there was George Van Tassel, who encountered aliens in the desert near Joshua Tree, California, in the early 1950s. The aliens were extremely human-like and highly demanding about their laws being spread about on Earth. The aliens told Van Tassel that the human race had been molded, guided and manipulated for thousands of years–by ETs that posed as gods. Van Tassel became known for his yearly conferences, which drew 10,000 people.

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