Be Not Afraid. According to Cirucci, interdimensional interaction is the key to understanding who or WHAT composes the Ruling Elite. Interdimensional entities are drawn to power, and oppression is their ultimate goal. Centralization of power is fertile ground for hostile demonic takeover, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the practice of religion. Proof that the Luciferians run the world system of “Mystery Babylon” can be found in secret gatherings like the Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg Group is where the Luciferian Super Class give their instructions to their agents and political puppets without having to mingle with them. At Bohemian Grove on the first night of the camp, there is the “cremation of care” ceremony, in which there is an imitation of an ancient demonic child sacrifice. But investigative journalist Anthony Hilder claimed to have witnessed the killing of Kevin Andrew Collins, kidnapped as a child over 30 years ago (Cirucci). Sexual perversions are also rampant at Bohemian Grove gathering. As discussed previously, black magic, sex, and satanism are combined in rituals to attract entities. Albert Pike, 33rd degree Freemason wrote a letter on August 15, 1871, outlining plans that would lead to One World Government. He said 3 world wars were necessary to bring about the New World Order. The letter says in part: “We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm, which in its horror will show clearly…the origin of savagery and the most bloody turmoil… the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity…will receive the pure light and the pure doctrine of Lucifer…the destruction of Christianity and atheism… Both conquered and exterminated at the same time”(Cirucci). According to, following are the reasons for the three wars: WWI–overthrow the Czars in Russia and bring about an atheistic communist state***** WWII–a war between Great Britain and Germany to strengthen communism over Judao-Christian culture and bring about a Zionist state in Israel*****WWIII–a war involving Judaism and Islam spreading internationally (Cirucci). Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy agrees: 3 wars would eventually lead every nation to surrender its sovereignty to a world government, because the 3rd world war would result in Armageddon. Pike’s plans also called for 3 revolutions.*********************** The Washington Monument was designed by a Mason. It is 55.5 feet on each side at the base, which is 666 inches. Its height is 555.5 feet, which is 6,666 inches. These are occult numbers, with an ancient Egyptian origin, as are many Masonic symbols. In this case, it is a pagan demonic phallic symbol. They are all over the world, lest women forget who rules. After a discussion of how Catholics were doing in the early colonies (Catholics had signed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), Cirucci claims that “Nearly all of America’s moral and ethical woes can be traced to the failure of Christian citizens to claim preeminence for their Faith.” He says that America was torn between the pagan mystics of Masonry and the passionate, devout Christians. Non-Christians acknowledged the ascendance of the Christian Faith. Cirucci seems to be contradicting himself here. The colonies were split–that seems the safest conclusion. President John Adams said he would rather see a “troup of spirits from fairyland” than an “influx of atheist devotees to Thomas Paine.” Thomas Paine wrote “The Age of Reason,” in which he tore the Bible apart, maintaining there was no truth in it. I know this because I read it in college and it set me toward nihilism. But years later I recovered and became a Catholic. Cirucci quotes Manly Palmer Hall’s “The Secret Teaching of All Ages,” in which is described the 5-pointed star used in black magic. One point might be open when the converging lines don’t touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and 2 points up; it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths; the star with 2 points up is the “Goat of Mendes” because the star is the shape of a goat head; when used in black magic, it is called the “sign of the cloven hoof” or the footprint of the Devil.****************** Masons had a major success in communing with interdimensional intelligences by the fact that all the major colonial Eastern Seaboard cities line up along a ‘ley line’–a significant alignment of locations for tapping into hidden energies–or entities (Cirucci). The cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC are all on a perfect diagonal that continues down to Teohitican and up to Stonehenge, Troy and Baalbek, London to Giza and Paris to Dendera are almost equidistant parallel lines as well. To close, Masons were a big factor in the American Revolution. They met at their lodges and could secretly plan without fear of discovery. Masons from other countries could and did help. And Masons actually began the Revolution. The Boston Tea Party was the work of Masons at St. Andrews Lodge. Paul Revere began his famous ride after leaving a Masonic lodge. The famous Marquis de Lafayette was a Mason.

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