Be Not Afraid. Len Kasten introduces Dr. Michael Salla, who came to the US from Australia and after several academic appointments, founded the Exopolitics Institute in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Kasten interviewed Salla and came away convinced “that the extraterrestrial presence should be a major factor in all political decisions and actions.” Salla brought out the concept of ‘exopolitics,’ dusted it off, and gave it new life and meaning (Kasten). In Salla’s research paper, “The Need for Exopolitics: Implications of Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories for Policy Makers & Global Peace,” Salla says that exopolitics is the “implementation of legislative and policy responses to the presence of ETs in human affairs.” Salla tries to identify the nature of alien intentions by identifying four possible perspectives: the intruder perspective–they are here for their own reasons and their abductions are callous to human concerns****the manipulator perspective–aliens have been manipulating humans covertly through the support of an elite class of humans****the helper perspective–they are here to help us grow in consciousness and solve our problems. According to Salla, “much evidence supports the view that the ETs play an important role in encouraging humanity to achieve peaceful resolution of international conflict and in preventing nuclear proliferation and the use of other destructive weapons”(quoted in Kasten)…the fourth perspective is the watcher perspective–the aliens are agents of a larger galactic organization and are here to observe a “great experiment” that might help other planetary societies if we resolve it correctly. These aliens are all-powerful, and though they are not interventional, they are ready to step in if absolutely necessary. Of the four, Salla claims that the evidence supports the intruder and the helper perspectives, and government policies should address both of these. Salla makes 5 recommendations: colleges should prepare students in exopolitics*** Immediate Disclosure so the best minds can be focused on the problems**** revealing the weapons and defense measures used in dealing with aliens*** reveal new technology and new energy sources***finally, an effort to develop congressional oversight of these clandestine activities.******************* In March of 2003 the US, Britain and Australia invaded Iraq. It wasn’t about oil and it wasn’t about WMDs. It was about a high tech apparatus left by the Anunnaki when they left Earth around 1700 BC. The US was afraid of becoming a second rate power if our military couldn’t find this technology before the Russians. European and Russian archaeologists had been working in Iraq, and they could find the technology any time. So thought Bush. Also the US didn’t want them to form an alliance with the Anunnaki, should they come back. “Salla believes that a covert, intense struggle is being played out behind the scenes against the backdrop of the ET presence: earthly political powers are maneuvering for alliances with superior ET races to gain world domination”(Kasten). Kasten next becomes confused and confusing. Apparently there are 2 B-2 stealth bombers, one for public consumption that can barely fly and one that can fly and has some of the features of a UFO. The real B-2 has electo-gravitics along the leading edge of its wing and its exhaust is electrified. Once it’s in the air, it can fly around the world without refueling. This is the information I managed to pick out of the confusion. Also, colleges are graduating people who don’t know the physics necessary for these propulsion systems. They said Einstein was wrong–space and time are absolute, not relative. There was no Big Bang–there is something called the ether, from which wave-like subatomic particles emerge and that’s creation. That’s the way order emerges from chaos. This view of physics is called “subquantum kinetics.” A retired Lockheed engineer reportedly said in an aeronautical magazine:”We have things that are so far beyond the comprehension of the average aviation authority as to be really alien to our way of thinking”(quoted in Kasten).

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