Be Very Afraid. Before July 1947 we had no idea how vulnerable we were to takeover by an extraterrestrial civilization. We had no clue that the Reptilians had almost put the Nazis in control of our government. But in the weeks after Roswell and the crashed saucer, we were quick to see the advantages in back-engineering everything that came out of that craft. Col. Philip Corso took the pieces of wreckage to all the defense contractors and was rewarded with lasers, night vision technology, fiber optics, new weapons and most of all, transistors: all wonderful things to have if we were attacked by ETs. In the 80s Reagan’s Star Wars satellites had laser weapons that could disable a UFO with pinpoint accuracy (Kasten). But we played exopolitics-meaning politics with aliens- with the aliens. We agreed to keep quiet about their presence on Earth and the aliens would bring us up to speed on their technology. Well, their technology was 1000 years in our future, so it was a crash course. But it was strictly military and defense contractors. It would have been a paradigm change. Of course, I’m guessing, because the public isn’t told any of this.********************************** The Cabal has permitted the covert hybridization of the human race. The hybrid creatures are intended to house the souls of aliens because these bodies are not acceptable to human souls due to DNA differences. So the hybrids are no longer human at the soul level. Since this process has been going on for 50 years, there are now millions, if not billions, of alien hybrids walking the streets of our cities, interacting with humans at every level and producing second and third generation hybrid aliens. Kasten says that these alien hybrids take orders from the Greys, the Reptilians and the Bavarian Illuminati. The goal is the replacement of millions, if not billions of humans, and the enslavement of the rest.************* Kasten discusses the underground research center at Dulce, New Mexico. It is actually 7 levels of horror, according to Branton (not his real name) in his book “The Dulce Book.” More of that later. The system of tunnels that criss-cross America connects with a world wide system of tunnels. Our tunnels accommodate trains that travel at the speed of sound. There are cities under other parts of the world as well as the US. On one of the lowest levels at Dulce, there are thousands of bodies at cold storage. Kasten says that 100,000 children and 1,000,000 adults disappear each year worldwide. There is clearly a reason for this. What are the Dulce Wars? The first war happened when a Grey was demonstrating an anti-matter reactor. He demanded that the guards take the bullets out of their guns. One guard questioned this order, and just for questioning the Greys showed their full colors. They exposed the fact that they aren’t really allies with humans, but actually an occupational invasion force that had to maintain absolute discipline among its “conquered subjects.”The Greys slaughtered several dozen security personnel and scientists(Schneider, quoted in Kasten). There was a war in 1979 when scientists discovered the bodies and people in cages, and the scientists themselves were captured, which brought on a war. There were wars after that and they are collectively referred to as the Dulce Wars.********** There are 5 domed cities on Mars manned by supersoldiers from different nations. They were co-existing with the Reptilians or Reptoids, until a war broke out in which the Reptilians wiped out almost the entire one-thousand-man detachment. The Mars base is governed by a corporation owned by the Illuminati. The Illuminati has set up mining operations and is extracting rare materials from the Martian soil (Kasten). “The Reptilians apply a tried and true method of enslaving the masses while enriching their hybrid masters. Control of a central banking system allows the Cabal to employ wars whenever necessary to maintain control over the human race”(Kasten). Preston James in”35 Things the Ruling Cabal Doesn’t Want You to Know” says the following: “The Nazi faction still exists as a secret, covert Fourth Reich controlling some of the large Wall Street banks…create massive numbers of debt slaves…a demonic parasite that feeds off…human suffering…it seems as if this suffering is purposefully caused…from the intentional social engineering of massive crime, chaos, social breakdown, starvation , war 24/7 in order to provide a near constant “shedding of blood” which is also alleged to provide energy and life to these parasites…who crave near constant mass-human sacrifice”(quoted in Kasten).******************************* Kasten gives the reader what he believes is the End Game. The aliens and the Illuminati have been working together for a very long time to implement absolute electronic control over the inhabitants of Earth. The Bavarian Illuminati have agreed to turn over 75% of the planet to the Greys if they could retain 25% for themselves and have access to alien mind control technology. The aliens would assist in abduction, programming and implanting of people worldwide in preparation for the New World Order. The future of the human race is transhumanism and depopulation. Humans merging with machines is called the singularity. It is a new race of Controllable humans merged with or led by artificial intelligence plugged into the global AI computer system and functioning simply as an autonomous workforce for the global elite. Hybrid humans with robotic implants were released in 2014, and Kasten said it actually happened on schedule. The aliens and the Cabal are seeking to robotize the human population through the transhumanist agenda, so it can be controlled electronically as well as from the 4D. The Goal Is To Eliminate As Many Humans As Possible Who Are Motivated From SPIRITUAL SOURCES. This will be done through another war and subsequent massive depopulation. The humans who survive will be annexed to the alien empire. What happens when humans find out the Truth? There is not any more I can say. But I wanted people to know what’s going on. My relatives don’t believe me. One person believed the warning about the derivative pyramid and how it could come crashing down, but she didn’t believe me about the Reptilians. Nobody believes that. Why should they–it’s like something out of a horror flick. Now I must tell something you won’t believe–I talk to Jesus–and He said nothing bad was going to happen, to me personally or mankind. I keep hearing rumors of arrests being made of cabal members-the military was involved–I’ve heard things about Trump doing something that’s being kept out of the news. I know there is a big group that wants to take down the cabal–they had to settle some differences, but they had and were ready as of 2014.

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