Be Not Afraid. Kasten says Hitler was not just a pawn with the Reptilians. He was like a Reptilian in human form. Kasten characterizes Hitler as “prideful, patriarchal, without conscience, ruthless, vastly ambitious, murderous, bullying, massively egotistical, devoid of love, lying, manipulative, vengeful, hate-filled and cunning” for just a few demonic traits. He can only be compared with Nero, who killed his family and enjoyed watching Christians being killed by animals in the arena. Some scholars think Nero or a reincarnation of Nero may be the Anti-Christ. Hitler could also be the Anti-Christ. This suggests, says Kasten, that Hitler may have been the reincarnation of Nero. There are parallels in the lives of the two. They both had creative pretensions, art with Hitler and performance art with Nero. They both began their reigns by doing good things for the people. Hitler gave attention to social services and Nero reformed the Senate. This lasted 5 or 6 years, and then they both turned ugly (Kasten). Nero had his mothered for interfering and then his wife murdered. He then began to have Christians tortured and killed as scapegoats for the fires that destroyed much of Rome. Hitler had his niece and lover killed because the affair threatened his public image. He then began the slaughter of the Jews and others that didn’t fit the Image. He also built up his war machine. Both Hitler and Nero has assassination plots against them, and had the plotters viciously put to death. Both committed suicide, but most of the world still doesn’t know that Hitler died of old age. Nero committed suicide with an intense hatred of the Jews because he had to send his best commander, Titus Vespasian to quell the Jewish Revolt in 68 CE, which was embarrassing to Nero. And of course we have Hitler killing the Jews, so the two tyrants could easily be the same soul. Kasten says: “So it seems the Reptilians had chosen very carefully. It appears that they knew the soul records of the newly born, so they knew about Nero-Hitler’s likely racial vendetta. Evidently, they regarded the Jews as a threat to their planned New World Order and planetary takeover.”****************************** The manner in which Hitler was coached for his role as emperor by the Reptilians is very instructive. It reveals the thinking and planning of the Reptilian overlords and their techniques, and should be used as a primer for those who want to eliminate all Reptilian influence and their plan for the creation of the New World Order. It is an invaluable lesson. It should be noted how they were able to bring individuals into Hitler’s life to educate and train him on the methods he would need to succeed. Identifying these people at the soul level and controlling and manipulating their thoughts and actions can only be accomplished by experts in genetics and mind control (Kasten). But, says Kasten, the Reptilians make many mistakes and errors of judgment, especially when dealing with humans, who have access to higher dimensions, the fifth and above. That is why they expend so much energy keeping our consciousness at a low level, through the media and mind control–keeping us “dumb and dumber” through mindless entertainment and games is their number one priority. Their inability to be successful in that effort is their major weakness. As mentioned before, the Reptilians had to keep humans isolated from helpful alien visitors for their takeover plan to succeed. They knew that the Pleiadians and the Andromedans were prepared to offer help, if requested. Also, it would be necessary to dilute the European bloodline in the US using the hybridization process. More hybrids would make the masses easier to control. There are currently millions, if not billions of alien hybrids walking the streets of our cities, but more about that later. When the 50s arrived, the Reptilians were positioned to take control of the American government, according to Kasten. Ultra-Conservatives were in power in Washington, people who had sympathy with the Nazis. The Dulles brothers, who had a lock on foreign and domestic policy, could easily manipulate Eisenhower, who had no political experience at all. The Reptilians took over Congress the first two years of Eisenhower’s administration, ensuring conservative control (Kasten). Kasten blames the Reptilians for the strange problem at NASA. NASA was still using obsolete rocket technology, it had stopped going to the moon, it had no manned Mars mission planned. What’s up with that? It’s working on secret space programs, that’s what’s up with that. And nobody tells us little people anything–they keep it all to themselves. The public must satisfy its interest in space travel by watching Sci-Fi films (Kasten). Why is there a depiction of the Orion star system on the NASA shoulder patch? The Reptilians come from the Orion star system. According to Kasten, the real space era started in 1962 when the US and the Russians jointly set up colonies on the moon and Mars. We had back-engineered a craft from one given to us in 1953 by the Ebens from Zeta Reticuli. The US has a fleet of 8 cigar-shaped mother-ships more than 4000 feet in length, which carry 43 scout craft. One ship, the SS Nautilus–X operates in deep space propelled by magnetic pulsing. It makes twice a week trips to the secret military-intelligence space station, which has been in deep space for 30 years and is manned by US and Russian military astronauts. Originally, the space program was part of the US Navy. Now it is called the US Aerospace Command, but I don’t know its HQ. It’s definitely a military owned and operated program, so it could be a single entity within the Department of Defense.

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