Be Very Afraid. I couldn’t figure out how Lucifer could be such a force for evil when he didn’t even exist. But it’s the Reptilians who are running their puppets, the Illuminati. It isn’t Satan or Lucifer who are running things, despite the rituals, but the 4D aliens that forever push the elite, cabal, Illuminati to more evil thoughts and acts. Lt. Col. Reinhard Gehlen, a former intelligence officer for the Nazis who had a big staff, was hired by the US Army’s Strategic Services Unit as part of Project Paperclip. He agreed not to hire any Gestapo or SS officers, but he did anyway. In fact, he hired some of the worst. His assignment was to gather information on the Soviets. His team was already in place in Europe. During the War, Gehlen had accumulated a tremendous amount of information about the Soviet Union. He began in 1942 collecting secret files because he knew Germany would lose the War. It was his bargaining chip with the Americans and British. He packed microfilmed copies of all his files into 50 watertight steel drums and buried them. The Americans freed him from a prisoner-of-war camp in return for those 50 drums. Gehlen gave the impression to the Americans that he was a disillusioned Nazi, while he was secretly looking forward to a glorious Fourth Reich (Kasten). Gehlen’s organization was a cell within a larger organization, which would become the CIA. Kasten says in his book, “The Secret History of Extraterrestrials,” that he made the case for “the premise that the underground Reptilians provided Hitler with a cloned army of about one million men.” These robots had no mercy, no conscience, no soul, and could torture men, women, or children all day. They could do the cruelties that human soldiers might refuse to do. Allen Dulles, whose brother John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State under Eisenhower, after spending years in the shadows, became head of the CIA. The CIA was given the ability to do covert operations abroad, and Gehlen’s organization was folded in and given more money and thus performed much better. Dulles and Gehlen were both Knights of Malta, which was a bond between them. Many non-Catholic men were Knights of Malta. Kasten describes the mistake of letting Gehlen Org loose in Europe: “So the President and the Congress were seduced into letting it happen–letting an organization of ex SS, Nazi thugs, thieves, torturers and murderers constitute our first national intelligence agency, their sinister and conscienceless values permeating the organization for all time.” When the Cold War suddenly got frigid, the US just didn’t have time to put a spy network in the Soviet Union, when Gehlen Org was already there. I know from other sources that Gehlen vastly exaggerated the threat of the Soviets to the US. Besides, according to Kasten, Dulles “had an admiration of Germanic culture and a covert appreciation of the Nazi philosophy.” Project Paperclip, in which German scientists were brought to the US despite their former affiliation, was what Kasten called “the old fifth column game–infiltration and weakening from within.” And he blames it on the Brotherhood of the Snake–the Reptilians. The Nazis still had dreams of a Fourth Reich even though they were working as scientists and rocket designers in the US. But they knew it wouldn’t be in Germany–they were looking toward Antarctica. Kasten cites Eisenhower’s last speech in which he warns us of the military-industrial complex: “Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” Ike probably knew, says Kasten, that the “military-industrial complex was now riddled with ex-Nazis with an agenda in service to the advent of the Fourth Reich.” According to Linda Hunt, Project Paperclip continued until 1973! and “remnants of it are still in operation today (1991)” (quoted in Kasten). Hitler and Braun did not die in that bunker. They escaped by a plan set up by Bormann. After a year of vacation, moved into their permanent residence 60 miles north of Bariloche. It was built for him and was inaccessible except by boat or plane. It backed up to a wooded mountain side close to the Chilean border. In 1954 Eva left and took their 2 daughters. In 1955 Juan Peron was ousted from power, and Bormann advised Hitler to go to a more remote location. He went further south to La Clara. By this time his Parkinson’s disease symptoms were getting worse.************************** Admiral Richard Byrd attempted in Operation Highjump to take out the Nazi base in Antarctica. He had 13 ships, an aircraft carrier, 33 aircraft and 4700 marines. The were defeated by Nazi flying saucers coming out of the water. They quickly destroyed an American ship and 68 men in a 20 minute fight. Byrd was forced to terminate the mission after only 2 months. This gave the Nazis in Argentina the belief that they could move forward with their agenda. With Hitler still alive, nominally in charge, Bormann went forward in Buenos Aires with the Fourth Reich. The Perons were secure again. The Nazis planned to get control over the US government and economy, and kept pushing Nazis into Project Paperclip with that in mind. Says Kasten: “In order to implement worldwide fascist control and to enslave the human race, the Brotherhood of the Snake had to keep the human race in a state of isolation and dependency, unable to receive help from friendly and helpful extraterrestrial civilizations.” In the 50s the Brotherhood was positioned to take power. Insiders knew that the New World Order was code for Fourth Reich. “Since its earliest days in Egypt, the Brotherhood of the Snake has pushed for a wider and wider inclusion of adverse cultures, states and nations under a central authority” (Kasten). They would rather manipulate one leader than 100 leaders. If the Brotherhood of the Snake was positioned to take over Earth in the fifties, what stopped them? The fact is that there are several alien races on Earth right now who would come to our defense if the Reptilians tried anything.


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