Be Not Afraid. I saw President Trump’s speech at the United Nations this morning. At first I was embarrassed by his bragging about his accomplishments, which aren’t as big as he describes. But when he got to globalism, I wanted to get up and cheer. He denounced globalism in no uncertain terms. I felt safer suddenly. The sovereignty of the United States comes first, and that’s the beginning and end of it. No more being terrified about Agenda 21. But I can’t help but fear. Every president who has rebelled against the globalists has been assassinated. Andrew Jackson escaped with wounds only. So I worry about President Trump. Who’s got his back? Are the Secret Service extra vigilant? Does he know he’s in danger? Everybody should pray that he stays safe. Don’t pray? In AA we say your Higher Power can be anything as long as it isn’t you. It could even be the army, the government, your company. Lots of choices. Long live President Trump!

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