Be Not Afraid. Hays on the Bible: ” It certainly does tell us in both the New and Old Testaments of the Luciferian Great Plan (NWO), how it started, who formalized it, who is running it today and where it is taking us in the future.” When Hays started this book he was a “militant atheist.” When he was finished, he was a “convinced Christian.” Early in his research he questioned why professed Christians knew about the NWO but were comfortable with its implications. He also ran into “a brick wall” because “you simply can’t explain all facets of the New World Order conspiracy without factoring in the existence of God and everything that goes along with His supernatural existence.” Swerdlow says that the Big Bang never impressed him as an answer to creation. He says: “You can’t get something (a vast universe) from nothing.” He maintains that God created our 3D world as the lowest plane of the multiple dimensions of reality. He believes that “both the Big Bang theory and the Creation theory are correct at the same time.” The Big Bang was the sudden materialization of the third dimension, which spread out in 3D form and is expanding to this day. Our 3D universe was put together by the Creator God, the God of the Bible, from a dimension much higher than ours. The ancient Egyptians and Solomon had supernatural help in their building projects because modern man can’t duplicate the lifting of 1000 ton blocks. The proponents of the NWO have what they think is Lucifer to guide them in taking over the world. Hays says we also have recourse to a supernatural power through prayer. Studies have been showing that prayers can have an effect on behavior. There will be a dramatic decrease in crime in a target area when prayer is directed to that area. I can also say that prayer has helped in my life. I recently gave up nicotine gum and I was shocked at how easy it was. Of course, I’m chewing regular gum. I prayed for help in quitting. But I must repeat something that I’ve said before: Lucifer and Satan do NOT exist anymore. They went on trial for their crimes, were found guilty, and chose self-extinction as punishment. According to Swerdlow, people, just like Lucifer, forget the Intelligence working through them. If they build something, they’ll say, Look what I did! I, I, I. Lucifer has tricked us into losing our connection to God-Mind. People sell their souls for “things.” The pursuit of “things” is the ultimate goal (Swerdlow). “Mesmerized like a cobra, the outer world is now run by Luciferian energy. It simply plays a tune and the entire group consciousness follows it without question”(Swerdlow). Regarding evil, Swerdlow says it has a frequency, and it will piggyback on a good frequency and come right in your front door. Jesus said we have to be as cunning as vipers yet gentles as doves. This applies to us if we are to resist these evil frequencies, yet not be bitter. Not only that, we are supposed to know our own frequencies. I do know we do not have the same frequency as the Earth, that is why life is so tough for humankind. Swerdlow becomes philosophical, saying: “So, what is the future? Whatever you create for yourself.” You have the same foundational future as others because subconsciously you share the same desire for the future. This is true on a small level when the same things are invented all over the world at the same time. Or when 2 or 3 people have a scientific breakthrough at the same time. Avoid thinking a negative thought like “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that.”Because if you do think like that, it will become your reality. According to Swerdlow and a load of self-help books and seminars, “What happens is all up to you; no one is going to do it for you.” Swerdlow speaks of an Oversoul, which he does not identify with God. He says to get permission from the Oversoul before you wrap yourself in violet light. Violet light is for protection. Wrap a person in orange light if you want to know if the person is telling the truth. The orange light will disappear if the person is not telling the truth. In any situation ask the Oversoul to do what is best for all involved.******************** Hays says that if a nuclear device detonated over the center of our country would cause an EMP and render all computers in this country inoperable. An EMP is an ElectroMagnetic Pulse and such a bomb gives off a Pulse naturally. Supply lines for food and energy would be cut for months if not years. Mass starvation would occur within mere weeks. Martial law would immediately be imposed. This is called “a crash of the grid” in which the entire infrastructure of the US would be down. Reality now depends on computers. Reality would go away minus computers. And this fear is at the root of all the zombie apocalypse movies you hear about. A zombie apocalypse happens when people run out of food and start eating each other (Hays). When the grid goes down, the sewers stop operating, so disease will run rampant. Hays says: “Another way, all by itself, to introduce martial law is through a massive pandemic. Military scientists exist whose sole job is to create deadly bioweaponry for the New Babylon’s military use.” It would eliminate millions, if not billions of humans from the planet. The military has built over 100 vast underground cities where the elite can go if Earth becomes impossible. These bases are called DUMBS or Deep Underground Military Bases. Since Homeland Security was formed, it watches people who are suspected to be a combatant against the New World Order. Some official will continually review everything you do, everything you buy, what websites you go to, where you drive your car and what places you visit, looking for anything to build a case against you as a domestic terrorist(Hays). RFID is next. It is Radio Frequency Identification, and it involves GPS for tracking purposes. This could be a chip under your skin or a tattoo. In 2013 there were 900 drones flying over the US. In 10 years the plan is to have 30,000! Hays says it’s part of the police state that Homeland Security is implementing. Homeland Security recently bought 2 billion rounds of 9 millimeter and .40 caliber hollow point bullets to arm their employees and distribute to other agencies. A hollow point bullet delivers so much damage that it’s a virtual kill-shot. 2 billion bullets is enough to pump 6 rounds into every man, woman and child in America(Hays).

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