Be Very Afraid. Some ETs (the good guys) turned off some of our satellites in preparation for an event that’s supposed to happen at the end of September or the first part of October. This information comes from an interview of Simon Parkes by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Some of these satellites could connect with a chip in a person’s head and control that person’s activity. Go to the interview for more information. Swerdlow describes the movement of the various ancient tribes, for example the Vikings. He showed how they all ended up in the Americas. And the refugees of Lemuria and Atlantis mixed in with the population of North and South America. This means there is a “double dose” of Reptilian/human genetics in these areas (Swerdlow). To the Mayans the Reptilians were an object of worship. The Nazis had technology vastly superior to the Allies, thanks to the Reptilians, but they didn’t get around to using it. When Project Paperclip brought Nazi scientists into the US, those scientists brought diseases in with them. Diseases that had hardly ever been seen in America were suddenly infecting people. Since 1945 such conditions as diabetes, cancer, stroke and high cholesterol have escalated (Swerdlow). The Nazi scientists also brought their hellish research with them and carried it out with the approval of our own agencies: fluoride deadens the brain; corn syrup prevents insulin production; homogenized milk causes cholesterol build-up in the arterial system. These were all new additions to the food system in the 50’s. The Nazis also brought their research on mind control and programming, which was eagerly seized upon by our own agencies. Many of these scientists were allowed to experiment on unsuspecting Americans. During WWII the people of Montauk saw German U-boats coming in to a submarine enclosure and then leaving without being stopped. The Germans and Americans were working together. Was it to protect German scientists? It’s a mystery. Hitler knew there were backers of the Illuminati bankers who were funding him, and he was curious who they were. He practiced occult rituals; Nazis held Satanic rituals in castles all over Germany. They tried to gain control of energies that would help them win the war. The elites in other countries also practiced these rituals (Swerdlow). Hitler was also very interested in the Kola Peninsula in Russia. There were large areas of unexplored cities and superior ancient technology found frozen in the ice. The Russians were also interested in this anomaly and how to use it. So, with a monstrous lack of foresight, Hitler ruined himself and his army trying to occupy the Soviet Union (Swerdlow). The horrible winter he put his army through killed most of them off, along with 20 million Russians, while he was off prospecting for artifacts. There was a reason why the Nazis wanted the whole world to be blue-eyed and blond: such people were easy to control and manipulate. He wasn’t interested in beauty, only control. How did Hitler know this and how does Swerdlow know that Hitler had this information? Swerdlow says that Hitler escaped to Argentina; he wasn’t killed in the war, but we know that from another source. This is confirmed by the head of Argentina’s secret police, that guarded Hitler until his death. Swerdlow tells a story going around Intelligence circles about a man who liked to drive the steep mountain roads of Switzerland as fast as he could. He was on a steep mountain road headed to a wall of rock. He braced for impact, preparing to die. Instead, he went right through the wall, finding himself in an open area surrounded by human-looking people. Apparently the wall he drove through was a holographic disguise. The people pushed his car out, telling him never to return. This reminds me of Hamlet’s remark to Horatio: There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreampt of in your philosophy, Horatio. Next, Swerdlow goes into the alternate life of Jesus-Immanuel, who married Mary Magdalene, had 3 children, and took one of his sons and went to Asia. He went to the India/Pakistan border and died there, and you supposedly can see his grave. Also his grandson has a temple dedicated to him in Japan. I’m not going to refute this; I’ve done that elsewhere. I believe Mary married another Jesus, which would make for a big confusion. Swerdlow hops to the Book of Revelation, which he says is the Global Handlers’ plan for humanity. He further maintains that Christianity was brought to the Roman Empire as a control force. The Eagle is a symbol of the Roman Empire, the Third and Fourth Reichs and the American Empire. What does that mean? The same people are in charge. The Book of Revelation details the steps to complete domination in the symbolic script of the Illuminati (Swerdlow). He says also that the Illuminati agenda for world domination includes the Soviet Union. The Soviet Empire is vast, extending from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. One of its best moves was its dissolution. It broke into many countries, each giving the appearance of independence. Thus each piece would be eligible for foreign aid to build themselves up; later they could be reconstituted in a more powerful position and the Soviet Bloc would be more powerful than ever. Swerdlow says this has already happened. He says: “What happened to Russia? Russia is the Soviet Union once again:***It sends bombers over the coast of Alaska and Britain.***It buzzes US air bases all over the world.***It ignores nuclear proliferation treaties.***It assists countries it wishes to take over–Republic of Georgia. The brilliant idea is to dissolve, then strengthen each piece, then reconstitute the whole (Swerdlow). Swerdlow says this game is called the “39th Move” and the agenda is world domination without firing a shot. And he’s right. Russia’s military leader wrote in a military journal that war is no longer going to be fought with guns and tanks and missiles–that is obsolete. In the future war will be fought in cyberspace. Russia is already attacking the US in cyberspace. They went down to the state level during the 2016 elections. Then Swerdlow goes into a wild and highly speculative discussion of the Kuiper Belt, a huge belt of objects that surrounds the Solar System. He says there is an armada of UFOs coming out of the Belt. If they belong to the Fourth Reich, they will get rid of the Illuminati and rule the Earth themselves. There is Project Blue Beam that will project holograms in space. These holograms will be a pretense of Christ’s Second Coming or an attack by extraterrestrials. Swerdlow says: “There is a collective feeling among alien groups that Earth is now part of an ‘axis of evil’ to those in other worlds.” How does he know this? The aliens feel responsible for what goes on here because they manipulated human genetics and manipulated events in human history. Swerdlow suddenly gets serious and addresses the reader, telling her that she must be prepared for some big event.Why would billions of souls choose to incarnate to this horrible civilization? Why would someone be so desperate to come to this crowded, polluted place? We all choose our lives and experiences before we come in. It is said that those who want a hard experience for their soul come here. Nowhere else but this planet will you find such a conglomeration of species in one place. When abductees ask aliens, “Why do you come here?” the answer is usually, “this planet is so diverse.”Plus, location, location, location. With this event coming, our Hyperspace/Oversoul work is more important than ever. That means get the blinders off. After my last post, my phone rang all day, but nobody was calling me but myself. Weird. Or not. There is more to come, because Swerdlow goes into preparing and how to do it.

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