Be Very Afraid. Maurice Strong, the First Secretary General of the United Nations Environment Program, said: “It is the responsibility of each human being today to choose between the force of darkness and the force of light. We must therefore transform our attitudes, and adopt a renewed respect for the superior laws of Divine Nature” (quoted by Hays). Hays says that those c-o-e-x-i-s-t bumper stickers supposedly representing all religions “is the exact gist of the coming New Age one world religion.” Hays says that we are being indoctrinated to believe that “there are many paths to God and all religions worship the same God, just in different ways.” Also, we are told that Jesus was just another enlightened human in a line of such humans. They try to marginalize Jesus, who is an enemy of the NWO. Jesus warned us of the one world order, and Hays says: “Jesus is the only one aligned with the True Creator, the Most High God.” If they hate Jesus, that’s good for us, says Hays. The new religion will be an updated version of the Babylonian Mystery Religion, cloaked in pantheistic environmentalism. The New Age movement is the occult coming out of the shadows and manifesting as One World Religion whereby we are all gods unto ourselves. We already have the one world governmental/economic/military systems in place. The New Age movement, encompassing all religions, is the One World Religion. But I don’t agree with this picture of things: for one thing, the New Age movement has faded in peoples’ minds and was repudiated by Christians, anyway. The militaries of the world have hardly united. I’ve just learned of a Russian sub that has something on board (probably a type of bomb) that when deployed can cause a tsunami 300 feet high. This tsunami could wipe out the Eastern seaboard and take out Florida completely. The nations are having trade wars, not economic harmony, and each nation has a government whose members can’t agree on anything. Hays says King Nimrod is coming back as the Antichrist, claiming to be Christ. But Christians know that 3 things must happen before Christ’s return, so they won’t be fooled. *****Hays discusses 9/11 and the fact that Osama bin Laden didn’t take credit for it; instead he flatly refused to take the blame. Later, a man on video not bin Laden took credit, but nobody was fooled into believing it was bin Laden. He would have had glory among his brotherhood if he had admitted to bringing down the Great Satan, but why did he not do this? Hays doesn’t know and neither do I. Instead, he pleads innocence and even the FBI can’t find any evidence that bin Laden planned and coordinated the events of September 11, 2001 (Hays). Hays says that when he was finishing this book, around 2013, the Seals found bin Laden, executed him, and according to Muslim laws, buried him soon at sea. But Hays questions all the above. Why wouldn’t they take him to Washington for interrogation? This is because he was the most important figure in the 9/11 event. Hays does not buy the story because it was reported in Afghanistan and Pakistan that bin Laden died in December of 2001, and was buried in the mountains of Southeast Afghanistan. His death was reported in the Chinese media, the Japanese media, the Indian media and other media, but not in the “truth sterile” American media (Hays). President Obama needed something to improve his standing in the polls, so the CIA launched “Operation-keep-bin-Laden-alive.” It must have been an inside joke because the CIA knew he was dead. So capturing and killing a man who had been dead for years would bring Obama up in the polls. Also, the birther issue was “blowing up in his face,” according to Hays. *************Another angle on this 9/11 problem is that several men thought to be the hijackers were not even on the planes. They turned up alive and sometimes angry: these names are in the Commission Report:Wail and Waleed al Shehri (brothers), Abdul Aziz al Omari, Mohand al Shehri, Saeed al Ghamdi, Ahmed al Nami and Salem al Hazmi. Waleed al Shehri had a press conference in Morocco to show that he was still alive, which was ignored by the media in the US. Two more people on the list came forward, furious that their identities were stolen for this purpose. Al Ghamdi was a Saudi Airlines pilot, and Al Omari was an engineer. I don’t know if the identities were ever really found. Their bodies in many cases were vaporized or worse. Hays said they used false ID, but the military pathologists claimed they had matched their DNA, and that’s what went into the Commission Report. These are the names given out initially by the FBI and these names went into the 9/11 Commission Report (Hays). Back in 1994 David Rockefeller said: “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” But how is it that 4 hijacked jumbo jets flew all over a heavily defended part of the country for almost 2 hours without being intercepted–Hays wants to know. Just before 9/11 Dick Cheney was given control of the Office of National Preparedness. He managed the drills going on that day and he managed F EMA, which handles disasters and weather events. Cheney was very much in charge that morning. People at the towers could hear explosions and some were injured or killed by these explosions. Eyewitness testimony about these explosion was struck from the 9/11 Commission Report. Security at the WTC was very tight, but before 9/11 security was loose. Even bomb-sniffing dogs weren’t allowed near the buildings. Another point that Hays makes is that jet fuel’s maximum temperature is 1500 degrees. The special steel of the towers was found to be molten liquid weeks after the collapse. Whatever burned the steel would have to be at least 1300 degrees hotter to produce a liquid state. Thermite burns at 5,000 degrees, easily liquifying any metal it touches. But there is worse: tons of high-explosive nano-thermite were found in the dust at the WTC. To see it you would look through a microscope; they are tiny metal balls of unexploded thermite. This adds immeasurably to the evidence that Towers 1,2, and 7 came down in a controlled demolition. This required planning of at least a year and took the training of a special military operation.

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