Be Afraid. Swerdlow says the Earth is naturally cool. It travels slowly away from the Sun; it is further away from the Sun now than it has ever been before. There is less sunlight hitting the Earth that ever before. This will probably continue for vast stretches of time. Says Swerdlow: “There is no global warming, there is only global cooling. This means that the Earth is not heating up, it’s getting colder.” Space temperature is close to absolute zero, but we have warmth from the atmospheric envelope that retains solar heat. When you fly in a plane, the external temperature is minus 60 degrees F. Swerdlow says: “What does this tell you? Answer: That global warming is absolutely beyond bizarre!!” And then says Swerdlow: “This is an occupied galaxy; Earth is a prison planet.” Earth’s position at the edge of the galaxy makes it easy to slip into and out of other dimensions. That’s why we have so many inexplicable events and so many people with psychic abilities. And Earth is shifting; children are coming in with extraordinary abilities. The Reptilians and Lyraens created a third species, the Adamites, meaning from the Earth, although none of them were from the Earth. The Adamites were the humans mentioned previously, but the Earth’s environment was hostile to humans. Humans have to wear clothing, find shelter and cultivate food–nothing comes easy. Our biorhythms do not even match the biorhythm of Earth. It’s a prison planet because beings are sent here as punishment for wrongdoing. Beings in general think there’s no worse place than Earth. There are 5% of beings that are not Reptilian or mammalian. Greys have the appearance of a large fetus and have an artificially implanted soul/personality, similar to an android; they are an artificially created race based on human fetuses. They have no hormonal development and thus require soaking in human hormones and blood for nourishment. Dulce is one of the places they feed; it’s a hell-hole and there was a war there one time. When Swerdlow was in the Montauk Project (CIA?), he was told that “the Universe is hostile; everyone is fighting everyone for control. The Draco want to assimilate all beings into their empire.” The Lyraens also want to gather everyone into their empire. Sirius B created the Tibetan civilization. Sirius A created the Hebrew and Egyptian civilizations. The beings from Tau Ceti modified what later became the Slavic people. The true history of Greece started about 10,000 BC as a colony of Atlantis. But it fought Atlantis for its independence, and several nation-states were formed as a result: Sparta, Athens, Macedonia, etc. The alphabet letters used in ancient Greece were very important because they derived from the alphabet of Atlantis. Swerdlow says that in the 1800s Rome decided to learn this language, something weird happened, and now it’s illegal to teach this language or to learn it. Ancient Greece had city-states from Spain to Persia, with 90 colonies along the Mediterranean coast alone, and they brought their Hellenistic way of life with them. The Jewish holiday of Chanukah is about the Greeks invading the Temple of King Solomon and taking all but one vial of oil for their own rituals. They left one vial for the rituals of the ancient Hebrews. The vial, expected to last one day, lasted eight days. It was deemed a miracle and is the reason the Jews celebrate Chanukah, lighting a candle each day for eight days. Swerdlow adds that now Israel and Greece have joined their air forces together and have a common enemy in sight: Persia/Iran. I’ve discussed the Khazars previously. Their empire was located near the Caspian Sea; their capital, Atil/Itil, was found in 2008. They converted to Judaism and then were pushed westward by the Mongols. In Europe they mixed with the Magdalenian Group to form the Merovingians. Charlemagne was a Merovingian and his descendants include most US presidents (Swerdlow). Over time the Merovingians broke into the Illuminati families that occupied various parts of Europe, with each family controlling a specific region or nation. In Israel today the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews run the government. Swerdlow says that the dark-skinned Sephardic Jews are the real Jews. They come from Egypt, Turkey and Morocco. There is a class system in Israel: Ashkenazi on top, Sephardic in the middle and the Falasha, or Black Jews, on the bottom. The Israelis flew planeloads of black Jews out of Africa–could it be these people they are treating as third class citizens? I believe they guard an installation because of their color. An Italian University did a genetic study on Europeans. 80% had Khazar genetics, and 20% were traced to Egypt. This means that 0% were European (Swerdlow). “History is not what you’ve been told at all; you are not who you think you are,” says Swerdlow. Swerdlow then goes into a colorful version of the story of Christ and why he was called the ‘Messiah.’ It meant that he was anointed into the Reptilian religion!! But he also says there is currently a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Trust me: there is no such thing. The Jews are digging under the Temple mount hoping the Moslem Temple will fall into the hole, but that’s it. Swerdlow says Jesus was married to Magdalene and had 3 children. This is simply not true. Jesus is the God of this Universe. In order to gain complete sovereignty, he had to live the life of a person on each of 7 planets. Earth was his last bestowal. There were always 2 rules he had to follow: leave nothing in writing and leave no offspring behind. This information comes from The Urantia Book, available on Amazon for $10. And then Swerdlow weaves a wild tale of Mary fleeing Peter’s murderous jealousy, afraid for her life and the lives of her children. This apparently comes from his interpretation of a painting by Giampietrino in which Peter is holding a knife, about to stab Mary. I can’t see the knife, but I’m looking at a Kindle.******** In the south of France there is a church which the priest Berenger Sauniere decorated to give the impression that Christianity was a Reptilian-based religion. Says Swerdlow: “The symbolism in his church shows that Christianity was based on androgynous Reptilian energies and that ritual sacrifice and sexual rituals were common.” This is a gross distortion of Christianity. Reptilian energies have nothing to do with the Holiness of Christ.

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