Be Afraid.Before I continue with Hays’ contribution, I want to explain the relationship between the Reptilian aliens and the Illuminati. Human genetics has been manipulated by many ET groups. Humans are actually ETs themselves, having come to Earth from another star system. Reptilians were the first ETs to colonize Earth, but they had been driven underground by wars with other ET groups. This is the source of stories about hell and devils. They knew they wouldn’t be welcome if they came out of the underworld, so they decided to kidnap humans from Sumer and cross-breed with them to form a hybrid. The Reptilian had both male and female sex organs in the same body, but humans had two distinct sexes.Nevertheless, the plan succeeded. The Reptilians had copper in their blood, which made it blue-green, and they passed it on to the hybrids. This is the source of the term ‘blue-bloods,’ and thus arose the blue blood lineage. The god and goddess of Sumer have human shaped bodies in Reptilian form. This is where it all started. Hybridization, mixing Reptilian blood with human blood, creating a human that would have a Reptilian agenda-all this led to shapeshifting. This hybrid could take over the world without being discovered. But there’s a problem. Being a 50/50 split, the body doesn’t know which way to manifest. If it has a Reptilian mind-set, it will manifest Reptilian. If it has a human mind-set, it will manifest human. But if a creature constantly manifests a Reptilian body and that’s not convenient, the creature must hold the human body by eating humans, mammalian genetics, blood, organs and hormones. The ingestion of human DNA instructs those genetics to open and manifest as such. Stewart Swerdlow, from whom this information comes, says:”This is the origin of the blood sacrificial rituals that existed in ancient times, explaining why humans were actually sacrificed and eaten. The blood rituals were originally about maintaining the human form through the harmonics of the mammalian energy. They still go on to this day in Illuminati culture and subculture” (True World History: Humanity’s Saga). David Icke has been told by many people that they’ve seen shapeshifters, and these shapeshifters are among the Illuminati.

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