Be Aware. “The ultimate goal of psychological warfare is to entangle mankind in materialism so that no one can return home, back to God.********** Antony Sutton says in the Introduction to “Mind Control in the United States” that “Subliminal perception is a process, a deliberate process created by communications technicians, by which you receive and respond to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions.” The author, Steven Jacobson, says we are being deceived by subconscious manipulation, and to fight it, we must become aware of it. He says that the techniques used to enslave the mind are the same used to free it. The goal of mind control is to suspend the thought processes of the conscious mind giving way to a state like day dreaming. Therefore, says Jacobson, the first principle of mind control is distraction. Distraction focuses the attention of the conscious mind on one of the five senses (looking at an object) in order to program the subconscious mind. According to Jacobson, what the conscious mind believes, the subconscious acts on. If you believe you’ll never find a nice guy, you’ll end up in a series of bad relationships. “The second principle of mental programming is repetition. Distraction and repetition represent the learning process”(Jacobson). Repetition of information embeds it in your subconscious mind so that your acceptance of its truth becomes a conditioned response. You accept this information as true without thinking whenever it is presented to you again (Jacobson).***************************** Music and sound can control the body and the mind. The lyrics of rock songs are sometimes unclear, but your subconscious hears all. The message is then programmed directly into the subconscious, for good or ill. Songs can be sung backwards. When the Beatles did it, fans thought Paul was dead and they panicked. Confucius said that the quality of a nation’s music would reflect its morals. If our music is any indication, our society is in trouble. Jacobson says that a change in the style of music is followed by a change in politics and morality. He mentions the music craze of the 60s and the British Invasion. Music is pervasive–it conquers all demographics and all Western nations. As Jacobson says, reality is a state of mind–change your state of mind and you change reality. But we live in an artificial reality created by the mass media. And it has a social and spiritual impact on our lives. Young people who imbibe media presentations are taking these for reality; it teaches them how the world works, right and wrong and proper conduct. But it’s all artificial. As Jacobson says, entertainment is not just entertainment; it is also propaganda.*** Watching TV often creates an altered state of consciousness because the TV screen, while appearing static, actually flickers…Any repeating light or sound pattern can lead you into a hypnotic state of mind–a state of mind that is just like day dreaming. In this state you are most receptive to mental programming (Jacobson). The public was so conditioned to believe what they heard on radio that they panicked when “War of the Worlds” was broadcast on October 31, 1938. They really thought there was an invasion from Mars, despite the disclaimers. Another example is the 1983 made-for-TV movie “Special Bulletin” about terrorists exploding an atomic bomb in Charleston, South Carolina. Again, despite the disclaimer, people were conditioned to accept it because it looked and sounded like a real news broadcast in every detail. They had been programmed to accept the information presented in the news broadcast format (Jacobson).************ Newscasters are all the same. Their American English is flawless. They speak with a hypnotic tempo. They look into the camera. Regardless of their ethnic background, they all speak the same. They sound trustworthy. This encourages us to accept what they are saying–the information presented. According to Jacobson, the capacity to lie with a picture and be undetected has been greatly increased by modern computer technology.*************************** Adolf Hitler describes the principles of propaganda in Mein Kampf: First of all, “The whole art consists in doing this so skillfully that everyone will be convinced that the fact is real: it must be aimed at the emotions***it must be limited to a few points***it must repeat these points over and over again until the public believes it***propaganda must short-circuit all thought and decision***it must operate on the individual subconsciously.” As Jacobson says, by clever manipulation, people can be led to believe something that is not true when such information is carefully timed and presented by an accepted and respected authority. There is a screen at the base of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. If the information agrees with previous information, it accepts the new information, and is filed in that way. If you reject the new information, it is filed that way. Another rule that Jacobson makes is that secret knowledge is the basis of all power. And then he says something that blows my mind: What you know and the reliability of what you know determines everything that happens to you.” It would take a whole book to unpack that sentence! My college education determined my career as a teacher, but is he really talking about something so obvious? I know I’ll get into an accident if I don’t stop my car at a red light, but is he talking about something that obvious? What about the things you don’t know? They are much more a problem for me than the things I know. I always learn the hard way. Maybe I’m reading too much into that sentence. People can be controlled by controlling information. If your boss controls information about your job, you are in a vulnerable position if he doesn’t share it with you. History is changed to reflect the aims of the winners. The Party’s slogan in Orwell’s “1984” was “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past” (quoted in Jacobson). Merrill Root examined 11 high school American history textbooks used from 1950 to 1952. None of these books taught that the US was a constitutional republic, which it is. They said it was a democracy, and interpreted US history as a clash between rich and poor; and advocated a world government where global commitment is preferable to national interests, thus promoting world socialism (Jacobson).******************** US intelligence officer Charles McQuiston says that Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotically programmed to kill Robert Kennedy. Dr. John W Heisse Jr. studied Sirhan’s psychiatric charts and interviews. He believes that Sirhan was brainwashed under hypnosis. He said: “he had been programmed to put himself into a trance.” I wonder how many other Sirhans are out there killing innocent people. The ultimate conspiracy is to keep Man human, while Man is on the upward climb to return to his original divine Consciousness.

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