Be Not Afraid. The Viking Prince, Svyatoslav, in alliance with Byzantium, penetrated the Khazarian Empire in 967 AD. Svyatoslav was a descendant of Odin, and his mother was descended from Emperor Constantine (Livingstone).************************* Scythia is a vast land. Its first king was Magog, son of Japheth, and its name Magyar came from him. Attila the Hun in 415 AD came from Scythia to drive out the Romans and occupy the lands. The Magyars moved into Hungary and established an alliance with the Holy Roman Empire and Byzantium in 972 AD, forcing a conversion to Christianity.************************** The Eastern European aristocracy who descended from the Khazars and the families of Armenia came together to intermarry with the Merovingians of France. According to occult traditions, the Merovingians were Jewish and descended from the Tribe of Benjamin. The Merovingians are the most important of the Illuminati bloodlines. That they descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene is hogwash because the doctrines of this lineage are based on the Luciferian teachings of Gnosticism. The myth was meant to disguise its occult nature. The descendants of the Merovingians intermarried with the family of Charlemagne, founder of the Holy Roman Empire, and a claimant to the Davidic throne, named Rabbi Makhir. It is from this lineage that all the leading lines of European aristocracy descend. (Livingstone) Charlemagne, whose dynasty was known as the Carolingians, represented the once divided lineage of the Mithraic bloodline. This lineage had survived in two branches; Julia, a descendant of Herod the Great; the other branch descended from Claudia, granddaughter of Emperor Claudius, which has also culminated in the person of Neoplatonic philosopher, Iamblicus. Charlemagne by 800 AD had united all the Germanic people into one kingdom: modern France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, most of Germany and large areas of Italy and Spain. In 800 Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the Pope, who wanted to cut ties with Byzantium.****************************Genealogists claim that all European aristocracy are descended from Charlemagne. But his descendants were also linked with Rabbi Makhir. This was the important union: infusing European aristocracy with the Davidic lineage, which occult societies have claimed represented the secret of the Holy Grail. That’s why the Illuminati plans to reinstitute the descendants of the Merovingians as rulers of a New World Order (Livingstone). ******************* I’m going to pause and list the 13 families of the Illuminati: Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and Merovingian. 13 is an arbitrary number; it is important in an occult way and it mocks the 13 tribes of Israel (Joseph had two tribes split into Ephraim and Manasseh). This information comes from Fritz Springmeier quoted in Mark Dice’s book “Inside the Illuminati.” Mark Dice then goes into a discussion about Reptilian aliens and how he doesn’t believe they are directing the cabal. Well, first of all, he’s naive and secondly, he’s wrong. They are behind the cabal, directing human sacrifice. I’m not talking about anyone specifically, because I just don’t know. David Icke has heard numerous people say they’ve seen Reptilian shapeshifters. There are many species of aliens here on earth now, but Dice doesn’t want to confront that idea.

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