Be Afraid. Hays is very critical of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Despite its oversight role, Americans still eat food laced with pesticides and other poisonous substances. Our senior years are marked by trips to the doctor and mountains of pills, all paid for by the federal government, which is one more burden for the taxpayer. And it puts the government further into the debt abyss. What corrupt entity is steering us down this road? The entity according to Hays, is one of the cogs of the NWO system. This cog is the FDA, supposedly in charge of making sure what we put in our bodies is safe. But the FDA is under the control of the NWO system to facilitate our destruction. The products the FDA deems safe aren’t safe at all. If you “do your time” at the FDA and act favorably toward Big Pharma, you are almost guaranteed a job at one of them when you retire. Big Pharma is either owned or controlled by the proponents of the NWO. The Illuminati-controlled multi-national corporations are cutting financial corners in very insidious ways, adding addictive flavor enhancers and, in general, poisoning us. They add high fructose corn syrup, nitrites, pesticides, bovine growth hormones with the full knowledge of the government that these substances make us lethargic, unhealthy and forced to turn to Big Pharma for a cure for the diseases we inevitably get. Humans who are ill are less likely to be activists against the NWO agenda.******* Consumer Reports conducted a poll in 2007 to determine the public’s view of the FDA….96% agreed the FDA should require a warning on drugs with known safety problems….84% agree that drug companies have too much influence over regulators….92% agree that the results of trials with negative outcomes should be disclosed….93% think the FDA should have the power to demand follow-up safety studies. Problems with drugs sometimes appear only after widespread use, and currently the FDA does not have this power. Patients are used as guinea pigs in this situation….60% agreed that doctors and scientists with a financial conflict of interest should not be allowed to serve on FDA advisory boards….91% said they had seen a drug ad on TV or in print-the FDA legalizing such ads in 1998. The purpose of these ads is to increase sales, not as they claim, to educate the public….75% agreed that the advertising of drugs has resulted in over-prescribing of drugs….40% of the 50% of those polled are taking drugs and having a negative reaction. Side-effects, if reported to a doctor, usually go nowhere, and there is no enforced legal requirement that doctors or drug companies report side-effects to the FDA. Advertising was legalized because drug companies wanted windfall profits. Some drugs are sold at mark-ups as high as 300,000% over the cost of the ingredients, with most of the cost subsidized by the taxpayer, you and I. Prescription drugs are now the 4th cause of death in the US; they cause about 100,000 deaths each year. There is a terrible epidemic of addiction to drugs such as oxycodone, and reforms are needed to make sure they are not over-prescribed. But the very congressmen who are needed to enact these reforms are “on the take” through lobbyists for Big Pharma(Hays). The FDA has scared people away from alternative medicine and nutritional supplements by banning and confiscating herbs and supplements that compete with prescription drugs. It has also conducted armed raids on alternative medical clinics, confiscating computers and threatening practitioners. The FDA also censors scientific information about the benefits of natural foods like cherries by threatening cherry growers with legal action if they did not remove this information from their websites and has shut down companies selling natural based genuine cancer treatments (Hays). The FDA is still allowing hydrogenated oil and trans fats into our food supply. The World Health Organization urged member nations to ban these in 1978. They are poisonous artificial fats. Hats says: “Taking all of this poisoning on the FDA’s watch into consideration, is it any wonder that we are now the most chronically diseased population that has ever been recorded in the history of mankind?…You would have to be asleep at the wheel to not think there’s a correlation between the government-approved poisons we are ingesting, the diseases we are getting as a result and the medical bills to treat them.” A few facts from Hays: We have more people incarcerated than any other nation, mostly on rinky-dink drug charges….We have obesity, diabetes, cancer and other major health issues….We have the HIGHEST health care costs per capita….We have the most expensive drugs in the world….We have more doctors and health care professionals per capita than any other nation. Says Hays: “How in the HELL is this possible unless we are being sabotaged from within?

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