I’m going to pause the blog to give an update from Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Our secret space program (SSP) has space craft that can travel faster than light. In these crafts they have seen a huge energy wave coming our way. According to Kerry, this wave will put us into the 4th dimension. Things will be visible to us, like aliens, that were formerly invisible to us. We will all have skills like remote viewing and other psychic skills that only a few have now. We also have a joint space program with Russia. The International Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) is also a SSP, but it’s mainly run by the cabal. The UN also has its own SSP. Kerry gets her information mostly from whistle blowers from the SSP, or other black ops programs, the military, researchers, etc. She has a vast number of information sources, and she sifts the stories and compares to find out who is giving her the right information or disinformation. Kerry claims we aren’t descended only from the Anunnaki, ETs who created homo sapiens from their DNA combined with that of Homo Erectus. She says other ETs modified our genes. They are still doing it, too. Women who are abducted and become parents of hybrids are forced to help these hybrids when they are ready to live on earth. David Jacobs wrote a book about how thousands of these hybrids are “walking among us.” The women/parents must teach them the most basic things. A very surprising piece of news from Kerry is that the military is accessing the 4th D. If they are remote viewing, they might naturally go out of body and into 4D, if that is their target. The Anunnaki didn’t want us competing with them so they deactivated some of our DNA, but lately the DNA is being activated. Children are coming onto the planet with unusual skills. Chinese children can take objects out of glass bottles without opening the bottle. Pilots are starting to use their minds to operate air craft. I also have more information about loosh. It’s negative energy harvested from us. If we could see into 4D, it would look like black goo, and there is a collection system with tentacles going to each person. The aliens that harvest negative emotions like places with dense populations where there is a lot of violence. These entities can’t live without this loosh. The terror of a child being sacrificed is very valuable. Our best course is to control our emotions, and when in pain, try to contain ourselves. Loosh during abortions is higher quality than a scared child. So there are three things we can do to fight this situation: Be conscious it’s taking place and take control of it****Observe information but don’t be controlled by it****Our acceptance of circumstances might short circuit their ability to feed off us.

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