Be Very Afraid. A sure way to ruin our democracy is to kill it right at its root–by destroying the integrity of voting machines. The US is divided into about 3000 counties, and only 1% uses paper ballots, which should be the case in the other 99%. The other 99% are compromised because the local election workers are not allowed to see or count the ballots, so you get centralized vote counting and room for rigging elections. “Centralized vote counting is the common feature of all governments trying to rig elections”(Hays). Joseph Stalin once said: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” The Democratic and Republican parties are in collusion to force voters to use machines to vote, and use 3 or 4 faceless companies to count the votes. They count the votes in complete secrecy, with no independent verification or audit (Hays). And armed guards stand ready to stop anyone who tries to get a look at the procedure. This enforcement is thoroughly unconstitutional. Hays’ opinion is that our vote doesn’t count under this system, and he’s right. Remember how David Rockefeller could “swing the votes to Carter?” The organization “Citizens for a Fair Vote Count” estimates that it would only take $400 million to hand count every ballet per election. But the cabal and their Mainstream Media minions only talk about how expensive it would be. “Bullshit,” says Hays. “We spend hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars supporting our world military empire.” But things can go wrong, as the election of Donald Trump to the presidency shows. He won the electoral vote by a large margin, which is a real mystery.********* The Tavistock Institute was created at Oxford, England in 1921 with funding from the Royal Institute of International Affairs. It is the “nerve center” for the global manipulation of human consciousness (Hays). The Institute works though a vast network of institutions, while breaking down the moral fabric that has held the West together, using scientifically created techniques of manipulation. The Institute is responsible for the politically correct (PC) movement in the US, which can paralyze men in their daily discourse. You either open-up and accept everyone and everything or you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic—am I right, or what? I happen to be a liberal, but I can see the problem for Bible-reading conservative Christians. But Jesus opened his arms to everyone, especially those who were not in positions of power. So we should be accepting those refugees on our southern border. Our population is barely at replacement level, so we certainly can handle a few more people. Same goes for the Syrians. “Individualism is one of the biggest obstacles to the New World Order. They want a public that is predictable and conditioned to do as its told without question, and you can’t have that in a non-PC environment”(Hays). All I can says is that they have sadly misjudged the American Spirit. PC was just a fad, after all. Tavistock’s techniques have a single purpose: to break down the psychological strength of the individual, rendering him unable to stand up and oppose his New World Order masters. I say that isn’t quite the case: people are waking up by the thousands, but they are also busy with their daily lives. I would also say that a lot of the attempts at manipulation go right over their heads. The Institute also tries to break down anything good in society, like family units, religion, honor, patriotism, and normal sexual behavior. The Institution also controls the National Education Association–a very bad thing because it directly affects every school in the US. I had an experience as a substitute teacher in a high school. There was a day when teachers and students together were attending a diversity/inclusion workshop or seminar. The school had an atmosphere of health and freedom I’d never felt before in a school. Those “brainwashed” teachers were practicing secular humanists.***** Top executives and government officials are also brainwashed to follow the globalist agenda of the NWO. When the CIA was formed, it set up drug trafficking into the US in order to weaken society, and is doing so into the present. Drug trafficking by the cabal has another purpose–to make money to finance black ops programs, secret off the books projects like the secret space program. According to Hays it was intentional acts of the government that brought about the turbulent 60s counterculture and launched the downward spiral the US is in today. The Brookings Institution and the National Training Labs are two other organizations brainwashing groups of professionals. It is estimated that several million people have been brainwashed with this training. The NEA allowed the National Training Labs to become a direct part of it in 1964, and it set up group sessions for all its affiliates. The NTL drafted programs for the training of all teachers 1-12, and helped develop Outcome Based Education (OBE). Now we are in the weeds. Apparently the US Department of Labor teaches corporations how to “cook” statistics. It’s called Econometric Modeling, and it’s used by every major Illuminati controlled company in the US and Europe, including the IMF, the UN and the World Bank (Hays). But what is it? Hays doesn’t say. I hope it doesn’t mean what it sounds like, like “cooking the books” or “creative accounting.”

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