Be Very Afraid. Intermarrying among the members of the cabal keeps the money and power within the “family.” To protect this money they establish tax-free foundations and use these foundations for nefarious purposes-not the promised use. Yet they are hailed as humanitarians. Every action by the cabal to weaken American society and rule the world has been financed by these foundations, which the public has been brainwashed into thinking are benefactors of society. But soon the public woke up to the fact that these foundations were not acting in the best interests of society. In 1953 a Congressional Committee was set up to investigate tax-free foundations, called the Cox Committee, named after Rep. Eugene E. Cox, the head of the committee. Its purpose was to find out: which foundations are using their resources for un-American and subversive activities or for purposes not in the interests or traditions of the US. Cox discovered that some of the officers and trustees of these foundations were actually Communists, and that grants had been given to Communists both at home and abroad. Cox suspiciously died during the investigation in December of 1952, but patriotic members of Congress picked B. Carroll Reece to continue the investigation. The Reece committee discovered the following: In 1915 the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace mounted a propaganda program to force the US into WWI.****Many large foundations were promoting socialism and Communism.****The Rockefeller Foundation financed Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s badly flawed study of human sexuality and his attempt to undermine the moral standards of the nation.****The Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation and the Ford Foundation had used their grant making power to take over American education and force our colleges and universities to abandon their religious beliefs and moral standards.****The foundations influenced the State Department policy and was largely responsible for bringing Communism to China.****The foundations were working to undermine our constitutional form of government.* Reece’s committee found evidence that the foundations were funding civil rights groups, liberal political groups, extremist groups and revolutionary groups. The committee also found that the foundations were working with foreign groups to the detriment of America. Rene Wormser, counsel of the Reece committee, made this comment:”The chief motivation in the creation of foundations has long ceased to be pure philanthropy…it is now predominately tax avoidance”(quoted in Hays). Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency, said:”only one-third of the income of the nation is actually taxed.” The puts a terrible burden on the taxpayer. The proponents of the New World Order had to have steering organizations. They had to bring in hundreds of people to implement their plans. Round tables was a general term for people who gathered and discussed the feasibility of the plans. Cecil John Rhodes got some of these groups together and functioning. He wanted a one world empire with Britain at its head. Rhodes was a member of the Fabian Society, which advocated creeping socialism, so the masses would not become suspicious. The mission of the Fabian Society was to extend the British Empire to include the whole earth–under a “New World Order.” Rhodes established a scholarship at Oxford University, where winners were “indoctrinated in socialism and world government,”(Hays), after which the student would go into the world and apply this education to reality. The first real Round Table was the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), started in 1919. This was a highly secretive group, and the Chatham House Rule originated here, eventually being adopted by other groups. The Rule says that no record will be kept of the meetings, and members were sworn to silence. The CFR was formed in the US in 1921 to put more pressure on the US government than the RIIA could from Britain. The mission of the CFR is to subject the US government to a larger one world government. According to Harpers magazine, July 1958, “What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms of the people”(quoted in Hays). Most politicians at the federal level belong to the CFR, and this organization wants to BRING DOWN the US government! They hide their agenda from the public, letting the Mainstream Media feed us nothing but bullshit. The CFR is the “establishment” we talked about in the 60s. Both politicians in a presidential race are taking orders from the CFR. Politicians who cooperate with the CFR are rewarded with many perks: lucrative speaking gigs, placement of family members in high-paying jobs, projects in their districts etc. 90% of the people in the State Department come from the CFR; other parts of the Executive Branch are filled with CFR operatives, all with the agenda of destroying American society. Here is what CFR member Richard Gardner wrote in the April 1974 issue of CFR journal “Foreign Affairs:” “The NWO will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down…but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault”(quoted in Hays). I can see the lowest common denominator in the sex and violence on TV and in the movies and in games, but I really think the public is sick of it and ready for something new. I don’t think they have corrupted society as seriously as they think. There are new, healthy trends coming along all the time, people are mobilizing, taking part in movements for this or that cause. People DON’T have their eyes shut.


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