Be Very Afraid. I’m pausing the blog to give an update on underground cities. As noted previously, there is a huge city under Los Angeles that can be accessed through the Getty Museum. You can’t drive to the museum; you have to take a trolley. The museum has armor over part of its surface so it looks like a fortress. Inside the museum there is a steel door leading to the underground city. Down a hall there’s a room filled with automatic weapons, another filled with art. Next you take an elevator down many levels to another door. This door is blast proof and big enough to drive a tank through. You are confronted with 60 psychics in the city when you arrive. These psychics are there to detect remote viewer intruders. The city itself is a central vertical shaft with tubes radiating out from it on several levels. There are condos in these tubes and the homes of wealthy people who are going to be underground when a catastrophe hits earth and the rest of us are going to be scrambling for cover. There are 150 underground cities in the US, all connected by tube trains. They use Tesla technology, free energy, free electricity, and they don’t share it with the masses, who need it most. These are the elites, and there is a Templar order, but don’t ask me what or who they are; I don’t know. At the very bottom of the Getty region is a Satanic temple where the elite and reptoids sacrifice humans to Satan. The homeless seem to be disappearing off the streets of LA. 60 to 80 thousand people are missing on any given day in the US. 100,000 disappear each year, according to Steven Kelley, who brings this information to us. He took a tour of the city and worked for years with the CIA and NSA making lazer weapons. He said these trains connecting cities cross state lines, so they have gone back to the Magna Carta for legal guidance. But there are two types of laws: one for the Templars and one for the commoners. He also warned us about the greys and the reptoids. They need human blood to survive and they feed off negative human emotions (loosh). They soak in the blood and absorb it through their skin. He said Dulce is one big blood factory. Love and joy are poison to them. Steve said your thoughts become your reality, so it’s important to remain positive. All of the underground cities have access points that are protected, like on military bases. But Getty is the weak link. Now that Steve has uncovered the truth about Getty, people may want a tour. But with blast-proof doors and a room full of automatic rifles, good luck.

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