Be Very, Very Afraid. The cabal does not yet have one global bank ruling the world, but it does have three. These are: The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. When these three are combined, the cabal will rule the world. It must be added, however, that the US contributes to these banks in a large way, so it has power in decision making. These banks will probably merge after the US goes into hyperinflation and the big banking crash occurs. And it’s getting closer all the time. The BIS is housed in a fanciful building meant to look like the Tower of Babel in Basel, Switzerland, a nod to King Nimrod. The heads of the largest central banks meet here once a month. They all have their own offices with a secure phone line to their own countries. The most powerful of these bankers (Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Swiss National, German Bundesbank) decide the interest rates and availability of credit in their respective countries. They must do more than that because they could stay home to do that, unless they are co-ordinating the rates and credit. Hays doesn’t say. A treaty signed in 1930 makes the BIS immune from any interference from governments or taxes. It evolved into a bank for central banks because it was a safe place to store gold. When the economy resulted in panics after WWI, the BIS was the natural place to meet and rescue Europe. After WWII, the BIS was the clearing house for European currencies, and it defended the American dollar when it came under attack in the 1960s. The Bretton Woods system was set up in 1944 and was composed of institutions and procedures to regulate the global monetary system. The planners at Bretton Woods established the IMF and the World Bank. The IMF and the World Bank worked together. The IMF was the judicial/executive branch and the World Bank handed out huge sums of fiat money. It handed out money for the war ravaged and underdeveloped nations for economic development–but there was a price. The Bank purposely put puppet leaders in these nations so the debt would never be paid back. So the Bank collected their collateral–their natural resources, with more debt still owing. So the nations were forever in debt to the Bank-slave nations. The Bretton Woods meeting was held also to establish global exchange rates tied into gold to bring about market stability. They tied the US dollar to gold and all other world currencies to the dollar. The planners of the NWO needed to get trade moving very freely to move jobs to slave-labor 3rd world countries and destroy Western industrialized nations. This would do two things for them: destroy the Middle Class in the West and destroy the Western power structure, creating a power vacuum the NWO would fill. This hasn’t happened. In fact, there is pushback all over Europe in this year of 2018 and in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Trump is having conflicts with allies like Angela Merkel, and she is afraid of her job. Anyone who supports one world politics is afraid now in Europe. They even want closed borders because of immigrants and refugees. But I don’t know enough about this to be pontificating. All I know is what I read in the New York Times and get on Fox News. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, meaning there was nothing backing the dollar but the value of the dollar itself–supply and demand. Britain followed, “floating” the pound sterling. When other nations followed, the value of the dollar dropped dramatically, bringing on inflation in the 70s. In 1980-1981 the Fed had to increase interest rates to 20% in order to stop the runaway inflation. According to Hays, the cabal rescued the economy because “the Illuminati weren’t quite ready to implode the economies of the world just yet.” Hays is writing in 2013 and he says that they are “now ready” to let the pyramid collapse. But it’s been 5 years and nothing has happened and the stock market is OK. But if Hays is correct, we are sitting next to an abyss called derivatives, a stock which has almost nothing but paper backing it. And too many people are invested in it. Bill Clinton repealed a law that made derivatives illegal and they were illegal for a reason, as we shall see. When they became legal, the bankers headed for the middle class, a great untapped and very naive source of money. They sold these naive people investments based on nothing but paper and that was based on nothing but paper and the cycle went down deep into the ground where there was an object, but it couldn’t possibly support the thousands of hopes, wishes and investments put on it. Multiply this by millions of other derivatives looking like pyramids, and you have a black hole of gigantic proportions. The black hole was temporarily plugged in 2013. But, says Hays, the black hole may represent a 1.5 quadrillion debt. If it crashes, it will “suck the entire global economy into it” and “civilization as we know it will probably end, and the Luciferian one world government will rise out of its ashes.” During the Great Recession of 2008 the Bank of America had $50 Trillion in derivatives debt. Multiply that by 20 banks and we get 1 quadrillion. There are many more banks than 20, so if there is a crash, it will be a catastrophe? No. There’s no word for it.

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