Be Very Afraid. As noted before, the money for a nation comes from a central bank, which can be owned by the government or owned privately. Our Constitution says that our central bank must be owned by the government. This means that it would benefit all citizens of the nation instead of a self-interested cabal. There has been conflict between the cabal and the government over who should issue the money. The Bank of America was an early privately owned bank, which was abolished by President Andrew Jackson, who thought it presented a danger to the country. The Illuminati tried to assassinate Jackson. Assassination of presidents has been the Illuminati’s way of dealing with their opposition. Others in government who tried to stand up and oppose the Illuminati have been assassinated, also. President Lincoln fought the cabal, issuing money through the government, giving him the finances he needed to win the Civil War. What Hays doesn’t say is that the cabal financed both sides of the War, as they do all wars. Lincoln said about the Illuminati bankers: “I have two great enemies, the Southern army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at the rear is my greatest foe”(quoted in Hays). Lincoln was assassinated for defying the cabal, according to Hays. The Illuminati have been issuing our currency since 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and related legislation. Louis T McFadden in 1932 called for an investigation into the Federal Reserve’s role in the Great Depression. After two assassination attempts, the cabal poisoned him. The US printed its own money since the days of Andrew Jackson, but the cabal made moves to take over in a Hegelian Dialectical procedure. It is a problem-reaction-solution formula. They would first create problems inside the independent banking system; they created panics by starting rumors about bank failures (reaction); they scared the public into thinking they had to have a stable central bank (solution). And they did this with a financial false flag. Congress was forced to form a Committee, and it of course recommended the creation of a privately owned central bank (there were cabal relatives in Congress). At the same time, a group met on Jekyll Island secretly. The purposes of the meeting were the following: Insure that control over the nation’s financial resources would remain in the hands of those present**** Make the money supply more elastic in order to reverse the trend of private capital formation and to recapture the industrial loan market****Pool the meager reserves of all the nation’s banks into one large reserve so that at least a few of them could protect themselves from currency drains and bank runs**** Shift the inevitable losses from the owners of the banks to the taxpayers**** Convince Congress that the scheme was a measure to protect the public.********** This bank would be secret-unknown to the public. Now even 7th graders know of its treachery! Here is how they planned to pull the wool over the eyes of the public: do not call it a cartel or even a central bank****make it look like a government agency****establish regional branches to give it an appearance of decentralization, not dominated by Wall St. banks****begin with a conservative structure and sound banking principles, which can be quietly changed later**** use anger caused by recent bank failures to create popular demand for monetary reform****offer the Jekyll Island plan as though it were a response to that need*** employ university professors to give the appearance of academic approval**** Speak out against the plan to convince the public that Wall St. banks don’t want it*** Most of the people at the meeting were bankers or Illuminati puppets, but one stands out because of his background. Paul M. Warburg represented the interests of the Rothschilds and Warburgs in Europe-he was also a partner in the firm of Kuhn Loeb & Co. -he was the architect of the Federal Reserve System. He also headed the meeting. America-move over! The people at this meeting not only stole a vital Constitutional right from the American people, but they also “came up with a plan to make sure their newly-indentured servants were forced to pay up to their newly-crowned slave masters…the Federal Income Tax, which also was passed in 1913″(Hays). According to Hays, both a private central bank and a graduated income tax are illegal in this country. The Federal Reserve Act was in trouble in 1913 with 19 sticking points. Congress was about to leave for Christmas recess. The Illuminati’s minions acted and solved all 19 issues in one day. Congress passed the Act without reading it, which they do routinely. Hays considers it treasonous that the US economy is dominated by foreign banks associated with the Federal Reserve. He says the Great Depression was caused by these Illuminati banks, and that will be nothing compared to what happens when their pyramid scheme comes tumbling down. More about this hideous possibility later. The Federal Government, an incorporated entity, was declared bankrupt on March 9, 1933, by President Roosevelt, and was dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, essentially turning the country over to the Federal Reserve (Hays). Next, by Executive Order 6102, the government started confiscating gold from all citizens in order to give it to the Fed. People were paid for their gold, but with fiat currency printed by the Fed. Hays points out that 4 out of 5 presidents were assassinated for defying the Federal Reserve: Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley, and John Kennedy. Andrew Jackson survived his attack when BOTH the assassin’s pistols jammed. According to Hays, “There is no law in existence anywhere in the IRS tax code or elsewhere that says you have to pay income tax to the federal government of the United States of America.” It is a voluntary tax, but nothing makes it mandatory. Our Constitution says that “personal taxes must be equally collected and equally distributed back to the people”(Hays). The 16th Amendment authorizing the collection of income tax was never ratified by the states. Hays says it is a “complete fraud” perpetrated on the citizens via the agenda of the New World Order. Most of the corporations that had funded the US Treasury have gone offshore, so they are not paying their fair share. They also put billions into tax-free foundations, further depriving the treasury of much needed cash. So the taxpayer is left to shoulder the burden of supporting the federal government. And it gets harder because we are also paying on a multi-trillion dollar debt, most of it resulting from wars we should have avoided and had no point anyway. A national income tax was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1895, so an amendment was proposed by Senator Nelson Aldrich, an Illuminati puppet. It seemed innocuous at first. Income earners would only be liable for 1% of income under $20,000, with the assurance that it would never increase. But those making more than $20,000 were subject to a progressively increasing tax. That this was unfair is obvious because people sooner or later would be increasing their income.

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