Be Very Afraid. “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution…If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of our currency…their children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” Hays is quoting Thomas Jefferson about the evils of central banks, a situation we have now with the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a cabal of private banks which issues our money and then LOANS it to our government and charges interest on the loans. The people are always in debt to the Fed, because the government is always borrowing more money. And Hays reminds us that the people running the Fed are also promoting the New World Order. And this is not a coincidence. Control over the world’s financial system is the primary route through which the Illuminati plan to build the NWO. And, says Hays, “we are getting DAMN close to completion.” According to Hays, this completion puts in motion the clock to tick down to the arrival of the Antichrist, King Nimrod 2.0. The Federal Reserve, in printing unlimited amounts of money, has unlimited power, and all this is legal and sanctioned by a corrupt government. They could be using the money for good causes, but they are funding their “diabolical plans of the global enslavement of mankind.” Since ancient times, banking was designed to take our money from us and put us in debt to these banks, promoting their Luciferian agenda. Many, if not most, people are in debt of one kind or another: mortgages, car loans, credit cards, consolidation loans, and maybe even a second mortgage. It is very hard to believe the system was designed that way. But the banks have taken advantage of our desire to have more…and more…and more. There are people who have no hope of ever getting out of debt. My son-in-law just got through paying off his law school loan, and he’s 48 years old! John Kenneth Galbraith said: “The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled.” Hays says it is very important to understand money. If a lot of money is created, it becomes less valuable, and inflation ensues. The definition of inflation: the inflating of the amount of money in the money supply. When the owners of the Federal Reserve loan the government money they don’t physically possess, they can charge interest anyway and take profits they haven’t earned and don’t deserve. They intentionally inflate and deflate the economy, so only they know what is coming next. The bloodline families can make the investments that will serve them best and siphon wealth off when the market recovers. Now Hays goes into very scary stuff, and it’s scary from here. The Illuminati are using their wealth to buy gold and other tangible assets. They are buying corporations and the global military infrastructure they need to ENFORCE THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT POLICE STATE. When the crash comes, we will be holding Monopoly money while they will have tangible assets and your mortgage, which you can’t pay off. According to Hays, the crash in 2008 is nothing compared to what is soon to come. Other nations will drift away from the dollar standard, eroding the dollar. When it’s completely eroded, the US is finished. There will be riots, concentration camps, martial law and worse. He’s right. FEMA has built concentration camps all over the US. They stock. thousands of caskets. Congress bought thousands of guillotines. But back to money. The Lydians were the first people to make metal coins (700 BC) After that, every nation state created metal coins. Into the 20th Century currency was based on commodity money in the form of silver and gold. Due to the results of the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve confiscated all the gold in this country and replaced it with “fiat” money, which only has value if the government says it has value. It’s not backed by anything. Money is given value by a government decree and enforceable legal tender laws. Now paper money is being replaced by computerized fiat money, where no money at all changes hands. It happens in cyberspace “under the control and watchful eyes of the Illuminati-owned central banks of the Western World”(Hays). According to Hays, this monitoring of how we spend our money will give rise to “the mark of the Beast,” where no one can buy or sell without permission of the NWO or the Beast, King Nimrod. Fractional reserve lending is a practice that would put you or me in jail, but not one who owns and controls the government. It may have originated with the Knights Templar, but it showed up later in the 16th Century. Merchants couldn’t carry bags of gold around, so they deposited the bags with a goldsmith and received a receipt. These receipts could then be traded around instead of the gold. But something went wrong, as it does today. The goldsmiths noticed that the merchants weren’t coming back for their bags of gold, so they started loaning the gold out. They also charged interest on these loans. “Not only that, they began to generate receipts for gold they didn’t even possess, just like today”(Hays). This is how fractional reserve banking started. There are many more dollars than there are tangible assets to back them up. This is a very important way of manipulating society. It is fully sanctioned by corrupt governments all over the world. If everybody tried to withdraw their money at the same time, only 10% would be available. And worse, that 10% is not in the vault, it is only on a computer representing that 10%. Your money is not really there, it’s in your mind. By expanding the money supply, artificial ‘bubbles’ and ‘busts’ are created, which is called the ‘business cycle,’ and the public has been led to believe this is a natural occurrence. It’s not, it’s contrived. And the Fed prepares for it by shifting their investments-it is legalized insider trading, there is no other term for it, according to Hays. Creating fiat money, loaning it to the federal government and charging interest on it means that it becomes part of our National Debt. That makes us slaves, which was the goal of the Illuminati all along. “Again, under the Federal Reserve System when a new dollar is issued, we pay TAXES to pay for the dollar as the principle (debt) plus interest on the created-out-of-nothing dollar”Hays). And again, it is the Illuminati banksters who profit.Worst, they must keep printing more money as the debt soars into the trillions. “It is a total scam, engineered to enslave us and the world as a whole, and this is a fact.

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