Be Very Afraid. Hays went from being a “hardcore atheist to being a convinced Christian” for the following reasons: Society was reflecting Time magazine’s cover story, The Occult Revival: Satan Returns (6/19/72)…. The public attitude that being a satanist wasn’t the worst thing one could be….The Bible states that King Nimrod’s Babylonian Mystery Religion,aka NWO, are black magic practicing, human sacrificing, pedophile sodomite Satan worshipers, whose goal is to enslave the world under a one world government, unveiling the Antichrist, which they call Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo etc….and to beware of them….Explicit warnings about these people are the cornerstone of biblical prophecy. Jesus Christ was sent from God so that good men and women would have a path out of this darkness, and in the Book of Revelation Jesus comes back to personally fight and defeat the resurrected King Nimrod (is this a new interpretation of Revelation?) The promoters of the NWO direct their animus at Jesus because it is He who will “come back and kick their butts,” as Hays puts it. And they worship Lucifer for a silly reason, as it turns out. They believe in God, but they hate God. Lucifer was created by God (actually Jesus), so he is just another facet of God. Therefore he is worthy of worship. But Lucifer does not exist, so their rituals are in vain. And God only knows what is coming from those portals they open. *********************** One of the main purposes of the human sacrifice and blood drinking ritual is a drug released into the blood of the sacrificial victim. The substance is called adreno-chrome, and it is a powerful mind altering drug. The Luciferians drink this drug laden blood, which enables them to enter the spirit realm with demonic entities. In ancient times, this ritual was a public event, but now it’s held covertly, probably by some names you would recognize, but most assuredly by the Illuminati. If I knew any names, I would not put them in this blog. I do not know any names, and I want to keep it that way. The Illuminati controls our country and picks our presidents, who does what they tell him to do-or else (Hays). According to Hays, the Illuminati are Satan’s current primary minions on Earth….Lucifer personally guides them, and they have therefore become Illuminated. Above the 33rd degree in Freemasonry are the Misraim rite, all the way up to the 90th degree. These are mainly populated by the upper tiers of the Illuminati. Now, Hays says a very scary thing: that things are going to get very bad on Earth and we should prepare. I think he’s talking about the Tribulation, but 2 things have to happen first. **************************** “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.” This is Jesus Christ, talking about how deviant, corrupt, and violent society will be just prior to His return(Hays). Now I have to differ with Hays on a couple of points: He says the “Watchers” in Genesis 6 were “troublemaking interdimensionals” or “fallen angels.” This is quite wrong. These were young Anunnaki males who couldn’t find wives of their own species, so they took human wives(the Anunnaki looked very much like humans, except they were much taller). And they taught their wives skills, not evil. Biblical scholars get this wrong because they don’t read the books of Zecharia Sitchin, who knew the language on the clay tablets found in digs in Babylon and the cities of Sumeria. He also knew ancient Hebrew, and pointed out places where the Old Testament was mistranslated. Hays implies that the Greys and other aliens and their UFOs are interdimensional. He says:”they have recently been allowed to venture out of their spiritual prison to influence our 3-D world.” Just because ETs can cloak their ships doesn’t mean they’ve gone into another dimension. Most, if not all, of these ETs have solid bodies and come from well-known places in the universe. So Hays is wrong again. Travel across the universe is becoming easier and faster. Our new ships in the secret space program can proceed faster than light and be at a destination across the universe in a few minutes. So the slow speed of travel is no argument for interdimensionals. Hays says that the resurrection of Israel is the #1 sign of the End Times. This is so much fundamentalist foolishness. Is that even in the Bible?! He cites the “Disclosure Project.” He does not say diddly about it. He does not say it’s a project by Dr. Steven Greer. In it are eyewitness reports of UFOs from people in government, academia, military black-ops, industry, and more. Hays believes there will be an alien invasion or a supernatural interaction with humanity. He says again to prepare ourselves. God “has to let these interdimensional beings out of jail in order for them to show up here and mislead us. But Hays is all mixed up-he’s working from a false premise, and the aliens are already here, walking our streets.



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