Be Not Afraid. “The faggiest Goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.” Those are the words of President Richard Nixon after attending an event at Bohemian Grove (Hays). Bohemian Grove is in a 2700 acre redwood forest in Monte Rio, Northern California. Every July 2000 of the world’s most influential men gather at this resort to discuss world affairs and hold occult rituals. The list of those attending includes every Republican and many Democratic Presidents since 1923, many cabinet officials, CEOs of multinationals, heads of foreign banks, military officials, Federal Reserve board members and media personalities, all of whom attend on a regular basis. You would recognize many of the names of the men attending this two week Luciferian event. They are the men running the planet. The men who run the world perform a ritual on the first Saturday of the event. It is called the “Cremation of Care.” They dress up in red pointed hoods and red robes; some play a funeral dirge; some carry torches. They carry an open coffin containing a wooden skeleton covered in black cloth-the “body of care.” It symbolizes the stresses these men have in their daily lives. The effigy of ‘care’ is put upon a stone altar in front of a 40 foot statue of Moloch, the owl god representing Nimrod. The effigy is then lit on fire. The cremation of care symbolizes that for the next two weeks they will relax and not have a care in the world. They will then be able to indulge in every perverted desire, sexual debauchery and immoral act they desire. The reason they can keep their perversions and abuse of minors secret is that they own the media, and nobody would believe what they are doing, anyway. People want to believe their public servants are clean, but, since they are photographed doing weird shit, they are subject to blackmail-“I won’t tell if you don’t tell.” There are smaller conclaves around the world where these perverts are doing this same thing all year. These are the men who promote the New World Order, and now we know for a fact that it’s Luciferian. They perform black magic rituals and sodomy with male prostitutes who come in on buses. Engaging with males in satanic rituals is a pathway to the demonic, which is their real goal. God has elevated heterosexuality and reproduction to a very high level. In fact marriage is a sacred ceremony performed by a priest. Sexual intercourse is a sacred act performed only to create children. So performing sodomy, bestiality, pedophilia, etc. they blaspheme God to the fullest extent possible. And they come into God’s enemies (demons) as a reward. I would like to remind you that Lucifer and Satan do not exist. If you didn’t read the part of my blog where I explained this I’ll do so again. Lucifer and Satan were brought to trial for their crimes and found guilty. They were given a choice of penalties: execution by the court or self-annihilation. They chose the second penalty, so they no longer exist. Back to the blog. According to Hays, the more they practice sodomy, the more evil they bring into the world, so the “general populace is unknowingly channeling negative energy that is being harnessed by the power elites running the New World Order.” Hays says the sodomy comes from Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities in the Bible that were so sexually depraved that God rained hot coals down on them and destroyed them. But that’s not the real story. There were a group of ETs, the Anunnaki, who came to Earth about 500,000 years ago looking for gold. They created humans and the Sumerian civilization, and they became gods to the people. These gods, all relatives, went to war against each other. The sons of each faction decided to end the war by taking atomic bombs that had been hidden for years, and using them, not realizing their power. Sodom and Gomorrah were two of the places hit with the bombs in this civil war. There is physical evidence of this in the Middle East. Sand turns to glass under high temperatures, and glass has been found under the sand. Another substance formed by nuclear explosions has also been found. The elders were deeply angered by what the two offspring had done, and they had no more urge to fight. Hays says that the dictionary definition of sodomy is “anything but vaginal intercourse between a man and a woman.” That’s pretty strict! The Knights Templar were channeling evil through homosexual activity. This would gain them what they wanted-their phenomenal success. All the great names of history performed male on male satanic sex for contact with demonic forces, which would further the Great Plan (NWO): Nimrod, Nero, Caligula, Egyptian pharaohs and Alexander the Great. Greece in its classic age: “pederasty was commonplace and if you weren’t bisexual you were thought of as odd”(Hays). Even in the Bible it is said that “There were even male shrine prostitutes in the land; the people engaged in all the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites.” I would like to end with a comment. My best friend was gay. He was a godly man. He liked to help people. He saved my life. I believe a gay marriage does not attract demons. I think you really have to work hard to attract demons. Demons are weak without Satan and Lucifer, and these people who do satanic rituals, God knows what comes through-it may not even be demons. Demons are being processed off this world and into the light. So they are few in number. But human evil is still alive and well.

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