Be Not Afraid. Hays says the following about Aleister Crowley: He was known in Britain as the “wickedest man alive” ****He was a 33rd degree Freemason****He bragged about ceremonially sacrificing 150 children in one year**** He was a 90th degree Misraim rite Freemason, a black magic echelon of Freemasonry. Crowley wrote in “Magick in Theory and Practice” that “the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes, human sacrifice is the best.” And a “male child of perfect innocence …is the most satisfactory and suitable victim” (quoted in Hays). Why was this man not investigated? Did nobody take him seriously? Crowley was explaining how human sacrifice is the best way of interacting with demonic forces. Crowley was ‘pansexual,’what we would consider bisexual-but he was attracted to all genders and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had sex with animals. He used sex ritually during satanic acts. Hays says that when drugs, sex acts, satanic rituals, and the extreme blasphemy of the Creator God are combined, a rip occurs in our 3-D space-time continuum and interdimensionals are allowed through into our world. I believe this is the ancient mystery guarded by the secret societies. Why was Crowley so evil? According to Hays, it was his anger toward God brought about by his father’s death when Crowley was 11. “He explored any and all avenues of blaspheming God, and it is through this dogged determination to spite God to the maximum degree that he was able to supernaturally formulate his philosophies and write his books, which are considered occult masterpieces”(Hays). Hays says he had a great influence on our society and “the resulting societal collapse that is currently underway.” I beg to differ; our society is quite healthy. Crowley joined the Freemasonic occult Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and thus began his experience with the occult. In 1904 Crowley began to receive messages from a supernatural being he called Aiwass, who Crowley said was a messenger from the Egyptian god Horus. Horus is supposedly a representation of Tammuz/Nimrod, according to Hays, but this is the first time I’ve read of this. Crowley wrote The Book of the Law by automatic writing in only 3 days, apparently via Aiwass. Crowley’s declaration “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” was taken up by the counterculture 60s and it morphed into “If it feels good, do it” and “Do your own thing.” These statements actually reflect Crowley’s Luciferian philosophy, although the young people parroting them at the time probably didn’t know it. Crowley drew a sketch of another being called Lam, whom he said was his guru. Lam happens to look exactly like modern day pictures of grey aliens. What we call aliens today were called demons in ancient times, although Hays doesn’t elaborate or give any proof. According to Hays, grey aliens are not creatures from another planet but malevolent interdimensionals with a hostile agenda “towards the Creator God’s personal project, mankind.” In 1910 Crowley joined the Ordo Templi Orientis (O. T. O.), which is the top Luciferian organization in Freemasonry. Crowley took it over in 1921 and rewrote its doctrine to his own satanic specifications. He wrote male on male sex magic into the doctrine as an initiation into the highest degrees of the order. To Crowley this was the best way of immersing the person into satanic magic short of human sacrifice. Hays tells us to pause a moment and reflect on how homosexuality is being “shoved down our throats today” by the media and new laws. This reflects the plans of the New World Order to weaken and destroy the fabric of society. Being a liberal, I wouldn’t go that far; everyone, gays included, deserve the protection of the law. In any group of people, 10% will be gay, and that’s just a fact.

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