Before I start the blog, I want to add an update to the update on the military. I have since found out what those cloned robots are used for. When a real human soldier is going into a dangerous operation, he or she projects their astral body into the soulless clone. If the clone gets killed, the soldier pulls back his or her astral body into their physical body. So they survive, none the worse for wear. But a soldier would have extensive experience in going out of body. Perhaps they had been remote viewers. Remote viewers can see at a distance and see different time periods. They usually learn to go out of their bodies. There’s also an act called remote perturbation, by which a remote viewer can affect another person at a distance, can even kill another person. That is why the Kremlin has remote viewer detectors within its walls, and probably the White House has them, too. And now on to the blog…Hitler, like the promoters of One World Order, or the Great Plan, as it was called in the 19th century, found drugs to be a pathway to the demonic. In his search for occult powers Hitler was introduced to the Thule Society and black magic rituals. Blavatsky’s book “The Secret Doctrine” was one of his favorite books, and his ideas came straight out of her books. He transformed the Thule Society into the National Socialist German Workers Party-Nazi Party. The swastika came from Blavatsky, as did the pentagram to label Jews who were going to the concentration camps. Hays believes that “the reason the Jews were being marked with hexagrams was to verify the intention to use them as human sacrifices to Lucifer and the other occult gods, the interdimensionals, who are literally the power behind the occult.” Dietrich Eckart was a profound influence on Hitler. He helped found both the Thule Society and the Nazi Party. He was an occult master and a dedicated satanist. On his deathbed he claimed to have “opened (Hitler’s) centres in vision and given him the means to communicate with the Powers”(Hays). Hitler received his ideas about Aryan supremacy and eugenics from the Luciferian Thule Society, but they were also the exact same ideals taught by Blavatsky. Blavatsky’s books, by the way, were produced by automatic writing. Hitler made a show of disparaging the occult, and he sent Masons to the death camps. He was careful, however, to save high-ranking Masons. The Vril Society was another occult group which Hitler joined. Lord Bulwer-Lytton, an English writer, said that Vril was the “occult power that woke up man’s ability to possess superhuman qualities.” Later infamous Nazis Hermann Goring and Heinrich Himmler were also members of Vril. Himmler, according to Hays, was the most evil of Hitler’s inner circle. He organized satanic black magic masses in several old castles around Germany. He was also grandmaster of several secret societies. As head of the SS, he spread terror everywhere, and was responsible for the experimentation on Jews and others. Hays then goes into the weeds and makes some astounding statements. Here goes: The Jews were promised a homeland before WWI****The US was asked to join the war so the allies would win and the Jews would have a homeland****But after WWI the League of Nations failed, so the re-creation of Israel could not take place****So there had to be another war and the ritual sacrifice of the Jews by Hitler was “orchestrated” to generate sympathy and convince the world that the Jews needed their own land****But, says Hays, “the resurrection of Israel is factually the #1 harbinger of the dawn of the End Times.”

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