Be Not Afraid. It’s time for an update on US military shenanigans. There is a Stargate below the sea west of Puerto Rico. A Stargate is an opening to another world, and the military is right there researching it. They sent drones through it, and the cameras on the drones showed pictures of dead bodies floating in the water. Also, it was determined that the water was different from our sea water. The military is crossing the genes of humans with those of dolphins. They engineer two creatures: one is mainly human and one is mainly dolphin. The military is also cloning humans. I don’t know anything about them other than they don’t have souls. I assume they are trained for fighting. Supersoldiers are built by giving them the genes of various animals, giving them more strength, better eyesight or whatever else the military needs in a supersoldier. This is probably done with clones, also. They also cross the genes of humans with jackals, but God only knows what they are used for. This information comes from Aaron McCollum via an interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. Aaron learned echolocation from a man/dolphin cross.

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