Be Very Afraid, Or Not. Helena Blavatsky and Col. Henry Steel Olcott founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. One of its purposes was the formation of a one world pagan religion with the worship of Lucifer. Another purpose was the formation of one world government. A third purpose was to teach people occult practices whereby they could “transcend to godhood on earth” (Hays). Tesla was a Christian and Edison was an occultist; they were opposed in every way, although Tesla was light-years smarter than Edison. Hays wonders if God was showing his power over the Cabal since Tesla’s inventions were so futuristic. Blavatsky thought Satan and Lucifer were the same entity, but she was wrong; Satan was Lucifer’s lieutenant. The official motto of the Theosophical Society is: “There is no religion higher than truth” (quoted in Hays). The official insignia was a hexagram with an ankh in the middle surrounded by a serpent, with a swastika at the top. The hexagram is an important symbol to the occult Cabal, maybe the most important occult symbol in existence. Alice Bailey took over the Theosophical Society a few years after Blavatsky died. Bailey channeled demonic messages which became books on the occult. She and her husband, Freemason Foster Bailey, started “The Arcane School” in 1923 to further the New Age (New World Order) through the melding of all religions. She was very naive if she thought the Catholic Church would agree to this! In fact, there was protest, and they had to rename their project to Lucis Trust. The Trust exists today, publishing books, and even publishing and distributing books for the UNITED NATIONS. They also maintain the meditation room in the UN. Bailey had a demonic spirit guide named Djwhal Kuhl. Through him Bailey gives us a look at the affiliation of the Freemasons with the ancient Cabal. Freemasonry, he says, is far more occult than is generally recognized and is actually an educational program for advanced occultists. Her spirit guide also informs her of the truly evil agenda of Freemasonry. “Spiritual maturity will result in the end of sovereignty and nationalism” (Hays). In a book, “Education for a New Age,” Bailey said: “World Citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain” (Hays). Bailey and her husband established an official non-governmental group within the UN. It was called “World Goodwill,” and its aim was to prepare for the reappearance of the CHRIST. How misleading! It is NOT the Christ of Christianity. It is the ANTICHRIST! World Goodwill is connected to the Illuminati, and participants at its conferences read like the membership of the CFR or a Bilderberg meeting. One of the books I read said that Hitler was Catholic, but just read the following: Christianity is a religion that defends the weak and the low.****It is purely Jewish and oriental in origin.****It forces people to crawl to the cross of a foreign god.****It began 2000 years ago among sick, exhausted and despairing men who had lost their belief in life.****The Christian tenets of forgiveness of sin, resurrection and salvation are plain nonsense.****The Christian of mercy is a dangerous, un-German idea.****Christian love is a silly concept because love paralyzes men.****The Christian idea of equality protects the racially inferior, the ill, the weak and the crippled.****There you have it, folks, the man and his philosophy.

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