Be Very Afraid. There is another danger of the New World Order: vaccines. They can be used to curb disease, and they can be used to spread disease. They can even wipe out a population. A child in France was crippled by a 5 in 1 vaccination. In Syria 15 children died from a measles vaccine administered by the UN. Certain batches of smallpox vaccines may be triggering latent HIV and AIDS. Why use smallpox vaccines in the first place? The CDC was actively covering up the link between vaccines and autism in children. However, Dr. William Thompson, one of their top scientists, exposed the cover-up. The Bill Gates Foundation-funded meningitis vaccine paralyzed 50 children in Chad. I worried about my 5 grandchildren and all the vaccinations they had to have by law in order to enter school. I worried a lot. But they came through it. It was like watching them walk through a mine field. You don’t want to know about fluoride, but I’ll tell you anyway. It reduces mental acuity and debilitates the reproductive system, but corporations get rich putting it into your drinking water. It is a Part II poison under the UK Poisons Act of 1972. It is a waste product of the fertilizer and aluminum industries. It’s a basic ingredient in Prozac and Sarin nerve gas. The Soviets used fluoride in the water of their concentration camps “to make the prisoners stupid, docile and subservient” (Cirucci). The first use of fluoride to make people docile was in the Nazi concentration camps. The government doesn’t deal well with people who try to go off the grid. A man in Oregon was collecting rain water for his personal use and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. In 2009 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation started funding research into using genetically engineered mosquitoes to deliver vaccines to a population whether the group wanted it or not. Eric Pianka, a professor at the University of Texas told an auditorium full of students that he wished an ebola epidemic would kill off 90% of Earth’s population. But he was speaking at a neighboring school-Catholic St. Edward’s. I bet they won’t invite him back any time soon! Dr. Charles Arntzen is well known for trying to create an ebola vaccine. On the other hand, he jokes about a genetically modified virus to “cull” the population. Is this man to be trusted? In 2012 a study showed that ebola could be passed from pigs to monkeys without them coming into contact. Fully protected doctors working with ebola patients were getting the disease. Dr. Kent Brantly contracted ebola despite wearing full-body protective clothing. But like an answer to prayer, Mapp Biopharmaceutical came up with a “secret serum” that brought Kent and a fellow aid worker back from certain death. And now for the kicker: the ebola virus is PATENTED. Three entities own the patent: CDC, NIH, Bill Gates. According to Cirucci, a side effect of the ebola scare is that obedience conditioning has been taken to the next level. Fear about ebola makes previously skeptical citizens more willing to accept a government vaccine. In Liberia the water was being poisoned, well by well, in a systematic fashion, causing people to die. Also, people dressed as nurses were going into communities giving “ebola vaccines.” They caused ebola-like symptoms, coma and death. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsay, deputy director of the CDCs Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office was arrested in 2010 for forcing a 6-year old boy and her pets to do perverted sex acts for her and her boyfriend. She was removed from her position but quickly reinstated. How in the world does that happen? She should be behind bars! Cirucci says this is a common pattern in the world of the Elites. The 1918 Spanish Influenza was actually caused by vaccines. The vaccine makers had so many vaccines left over from WWI that they had to use deception to get people to receive them. They told the public that soldiers were coming home with all sorts of diseases. With no epidemics they gave millions of people multiple vaccines. They induced “extreme body poisoning from the conglomeration of many different vaccines”(Cirucci). People hale and hearty one day would be dead the next. The disease had the symptoms of the plague, typhoid, diphtheria, smallpox, and all the other diseases they had been vaccinated against. The Spanish Flu hit only the people who were vaccinated with this deadly cocktail of vaccines. It killed 20 million people by one estimate. Cirucci adds that the numbers are closer to 50 million. Researchers exhumed the body of an Elite, Sir Mark Sykes, who was killed by the Spanish Flu in 1919. He was buried in a lead-lined coffin, which means the virus was still alive in his body. Allegedly they wanted to find out how pandemics like bird flu spread. Are you buying that? I believe that digging up dormant killer viruses or cloning T-rex reflects our fascination with evil. We will never have a peaceful world until this tendency is worked out of the human system. And there is worse. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison reverse engineered the Spanish Flu virus and then mutated it to make it airborne so it would spread easily from one animal to another. The verdict of Lord May of the Royal Society: “absolutely crazy…exceedingly dangerous!” Why in HELL would they do it unless they were under orders to wipe out a population?

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