Be Very Afraid-Maybe. Nobody except Trump and Putin has the guts to stand up to the New World Order. Because Trump doesn’t make an issue of it, Putin “stepped into the gulf and became somewhat of a Right-wing folk hero.” Obama didn’t bother to raise his voice about the ethnic cleansing of Christians going on during his administration, but Putin did. He called on world leaders to stop the persecution. According to Judson Philips of the Washington Times: “Something is wrong when Putin is a greater champion for freedom than the President of the United States”(quoted in Cirucci). Putin is refortifying the FSB to make it more like the KGB. Putin worked in the KGB, reaching mid-level, and he’s very fond of it. He wants to resurrect a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky, an old Soviet bad boy, but he met with public opposition. He has restored some important communist symbols. Russian athletes thought the national anthem was boring, so the Soviet anthem was dusted off and given more upbeat lyrics. It was an immediate hit with the Russian people. Aleksandre Solzhenitsyn was a Russian author who said something negative about Stalin and was sent to a Gulag (prison camp). After prison he was exiled and came to the US. By this time his books were popular and well-known. He was loved by the intelligentsia until he gave a scathing speech in front of 10-15 thousand people (1978 Harvard Address). He denounced the West for its moral decadence, lack of courage, intellectual shallowness, enslavement to fashion, and much more. He said this sickness resulted from the embrace of secular humanism and no power greater than the individual. Vladimir Putin embraced both Solzhenitsyn and his legacy. Both the Left and the Right in the US demonize Putin. On the Left he is criticized for his stand on homosexuals, and on the Right he is criticized for being too much like Stalin. (I think they should remember that Stalin murdered 20 million people and left an army of 20 million to be slaughtered or starve) But like the US Russia has a common core curriculum, in which 3 of Solzhenitsyn’s books are required reading. “The Gulag Archipelago,” which I’ve read, is important to Putin for its glimpse into life under Stalin. Putin has met Solzhenitsyn and there has been a sort of detente. Solzhenitsyn credits Putin with restoring Russian self-respect. And then Cirucci remarks:”It would appear that Vladimir Putin loves Russia almost as much as Barack Obama hates America.” After Putin’s Presidential election, in a tearful speech he stated assertively: “This was not just a presidential election. This was a very important test for all of us…We have shown indeed that no-one can enslave us. No one and nothing can enslave us. We have shown that our people…distinguish between the desire for progress and renewed political provocation that has only one objective-to destroy Russian sovereignty and usurp power. The Russian people have now shown that in our country such choices and scenarios will not pass. THEY SHALL NOT PASS. Cirucci says this is a warning to the New World Order.

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