Be Very Afraid-Maybe…There is push-back all over the world. Italy’s government collapsed in favor of a populist leader. The same thing happened in another European nation I can’t bring to mind right now. China and Russia will put the hurt on anyone attempting to co-opt them into a new world order. Trump has made very loud push-back noises. The US has a hard Right that won’t tolerate any attack on America’s sovereignty. That said, onward we go, this time to Russia and Vladimir Putin, my favorite man on the world stage. A KGB defector, Anatoliy Goldsyn, came to the US in 1961 to deliver a shocking story. The Soviet Union was going to plan its own collapse, including tearing down the Berlin Wall, and implementing such actions as perestroika and glasnost. This plan was designed to put up a facade of vulnerability so that the US would give aid in the form of technology and capital. In fact the US would involve herself so deeply with Russia that the two nations would converge and Russia could dominate the US under a world government headed by Russia and China. But as Goldsyn and another defector were questioned, their interrogators came to an amazing conclusion: that the intelligence services of the USSR, the UK and the US were all colluding! Meanwhile, author Malachi Martin made the astounding claim that the Soviet Union was ORDERED to collapse. Said Martin: “The underlying force I have written about (he describes the Illuminati) It is my opinion, for instance, that the USSR didn’t disintegrate naturally, but was ordered to collapse. Gorbachev was ordered to vacate his power base and also to inform other leaders of the Soviet Bloc nations to do likewise. Those orders came from the capstone”(Illuminati). (John McManus, the New American, quoted in Cirucci) While we’re on Russia, Lenin, Marx, Trotsky and Stalin were all financed by international bankers dominated by the House of Rothschild. According to Hays, the “Illuminati has been in control of Russia ever since.” The Cold War was a sham to rally the US into building up the most powerful military ever seen. This military is to be used by the Illuminati to force the “take over of the world.” Some of that military is getting set to arrest the Illuminati- the military in no way is a friend to the Elite. The Czar tried to buy off the Illuminati by putting his money in their banks, but it didn’t work. They kept his money and betrayed him. Antony Sutton wrote a book titled Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development. In the book he says that US and European banks and corporations gave Lenin the technology and money he needed to overthrow the Czar and control the Russian people. The Illuminati financed the rise of Communism. Vladimir Putin has been either president or prime minister of Russia since 1999. He owes his position to a group of wealthy Jewish oligarchs. Boris Berezovsky was the ring-leader of this group. When Putin was elected President, Berezovsky quickly learned that Putin was no man’s puppet. Berezovsky was forced to flee Russia and found asylum in London. He later died there under “suspicious circumstances.” As a child Putin was secretly baptized by his mother into the Russian Orthodox Church. She also gave him a cross before a trip he took to Israel. He put it on and has never taken it off. He has proposed religion and ethics classes for Russian students. An adviser is a Russian Orthodox priest. Putin’s support of Syria’s Assad is due to Putin’s concern that if Assad is toppled, Christians will be persecuted. Hays says that there is a “complex foreign subversive plot to destabilize the new Christian Russia with extreme feminism, porn and depravity.” While the West is repudiating Christianity, Russia is going back to her Orthodox roots. Meanwhile the Illuminati is trying to weaken Russia just as it tries to weaken the US. It also sows seeds of contention between Russia and the West. It is an historical oddity that Russia and the US have always been partners under the surface of Cold War tensions. We are partners right now in a secret space program, and during the Cold War we had a base in space. We have many links to Russia, or at least Donald Trump does. Russia and two of her former satellites, Belarus and Kazakhstan, are very serious about reinstituting Christianity in their lands. Russia is looking into creating a new currency with the other BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) to get off the US/Saudi “petro-dollar.” Cirucci says this can be understood as ‘self-preservation.’ Also Cirucci says,”One thing Russia isn’t doing is extending military influence to the detriment of indigenous Christians.” He then give a list of places where our military has intervened, and Christians have subsequently been massacred. In 2003 open season on Christians was declared with a ‘fatwa’ making it permissible to spill the blood of Christians. Some hysterical commentators think Putin may be turning Russia back into the bad old Soviet Union. We’ll refute that next time.


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