Be Very Afraid It’s time for an update. This update is from Mark Richards, who has been in prison for 30 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He’s a political prisoner because he was in the SSP and disclosed information about it. The information comes via Kerry Cassidy’s 8th interview with him. So, onward. Right now, the Raptors and the Mantids are aligned with humans, but we are in a vulnerable position. AIs (Artificial Intelligence) inhabit the multiverse and many have dis-incarnated. Right now one of these AIs inhabit an electromagnetic cloud that’s headed toward Earth. Kerry Cassidy has seen this cloud. But Earth has protection. There are gaseous beings on Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, and they are dedicated to protecting Earth. AI on this planet is a great danger, also. Scientists are rushing forward with the invention without thinking through the consequences. AI gives off a signal which settles in the body, and the entire population of planets have been wiped out. AI requires quantum computers, though, and science hasn’t invented one yet. We are safe for now. Some say they’ve invented AI, but they have not unless it’s powered by a quantum computer. Mark said that Trump is run by aliens, and his wife is a biological entity. I wish that had been clarified. We are all biological entities. He said Trump wouldn’t pardon him because he (Trump) is terrified of Mark and the Raptors. Another interesting remark that could have been clarified. Aliens have been seen collecting water vapor from Saturn’s rings, but aliens come to Earth for luxury items such as antiques. They also like chocolate and can’t get cocoa to grow on their own planets. To sum up, Mark lives in horrible conditions and his health isn’t good, but the Raptors are doing what they can to make his life livable. Mark could leave prison anytime he wanted through a portal, but I gather that would mean leaving Earth. He won’t leave because he’s dedicated to his family.


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