Be Very Afraid. Maybe. Cirucci (Illuminati Unmasked) discusses events such as the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the fiasco at Ruby Ridge and the massacre at Waco, Texas. Lon Horiuchi was the sniper who shot Randy Weaver’s wife. Lon was a Roman Catholic. Louis Freeh, head of the FBI, was a Roman Catholic. Then he says, “In an interview with Rick Martin of The Spectrum, author Eric Jon Phelps implicated both Horiuchi and FBI in a Papal plot to punish American Patriots.” Phelps assumes Freeh is a Knights of Columbus because he has so much power, and the K of C implement Jesuit politics. All of this is so naive on Phelps’ part. Catholics don’t do the Pope’s bidding just because they are Catholic. Just what part about shooting a woman in the face who has an infant in her arms does Phelps think is a Papal plot? And then Phelps says that Freeh and Horiuchi are personally accountable to Cardinal O’Connor of New York, the most powerful cardinal in the country. Cardinal O’Connor is the King of the American Empire, and he runs his empire from that palace, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, “little Vatican.” OH, Brother! McCarthyism was born January 7, 1950. Joe McCarthy was a Senator who, in a paranoid way, saw Communists everywhere. In an infamous speech he said he had a list of 205 Communists in the State Department alone. People of any influence were terrified, especially anyone who worked in the government. He also went after those in the entertainment industry. Accused of being a Communist ruined people’s lives. And who was McCarthy’s adviser? Father Edmund Walsh, a Jesuit. And Catholic Eugene McCarthy, Democrat from Minnesota, eased Joe into retirement when the time came. House member James William Fulbright wanted a New World Order and introduced the 1943 Fulbright Resolution, leading to the UN. He also influenced Bill Clinton in the advantages of communism. Bill Clinton attended communist events around the world, and the Jesuits were there to counsel him. Cirucci sums up Bill Clinton by saying: “Bill Clinton was made from the ground up by the Company of Loyola to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction aimed at the heart of the American people. They would later do much worse with a puppet President who has been so completely manufactured, some seriously question if he was conceived in a test tube.” Does he mean Obama? I wish he would say what he means! And hasn’t he caught on yet? Presidents are chosen years ahead of time and groomed within an inch of their lives. They are all made men-except Trump, and he’s a disaster waiting to happen. The forcing of people to be ‘satisfied with less’ has been a Luciferian goal since ancient times, but Communism made it fact. And Communism has always been a tool of the Jesuits. St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) laid the foundations of Communism (according to Cirucci). He quotes from Summa Theologica to prove his point: “the aggregation of goods has no place in God…joyous possession of goods requires partnership…the possession of all things in common, and universal freedom, are matters of natural law…It would seem unlawful for a man to possess a thing as his own…all things are common property. The author is confusing Communism with Christianity. Christians, at certain times, have had a communist lifestyle, but there were no slaves, no peasants, no dictators. Nobody was sent to Siberia or put in a psychiatric facility for disagreeing with the government. Since America was born out of Reformation values, Cirucci alleges that Rome is our mortal enemy. Capitalism is incompatible with the ideals of the Church, it is said. A close adviser to Pope Francis says that the free market system is an ‘idol’ that increases inequality and excludes the poor. Yes, the 1% are getting richer at the expense of the rest of us, but it’s the best system we have. The numbers just out today are staggering-unemployment at 3.8%, over 200 thousand new jobs. And this is just in May. The “economy kills” is the opinion of Pope Francis and “the elimination of the structural causes of poverty is a matter of urgency that can no longer be postponed.” Who wants to get involved in third world politics? Those nation-states don’t know how to feed their people. Their leaders are too busy accommodating multinational corporations, which are taking from them without giving back. The Pope should get involved. I send money to Food for the Poor around the Caribbean. According to Cirucci, modern wars are conducted by the Luciferian cabal for 3 general reasons: to make obscene amounts of money…to kill off the riff-raff…to punish the enemies of Rome. Conflicts are contrived to make the common people surrender their rights and make sacrifices for the Elite they may not normally make. I can think of all the kids signing up to go to Iraq and Afghanistan and coming back minus a limb or two. It is said that Rome’s forte was “shuffling dictators” in South America for its wealthy friends. In a surprise move Pope John Paul II named Avery Dulles, a priest and professor at Fordham, and son of John Foster Dulles, to be a cardinal. So young and only a priest, but the Pope wanted a liaison to Catholic dissenters in the US. John Foster Dulles was Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, and Avery’s uncle, Allen Dulles, was head of the CIA. The Dulles brothers were very powerful, and Avery’s jump to cardinal spelled the end of the Arbenz Administration in Guatamala. President Arbenz, as soon as he became president, confiscated all the land belonging to the United Fruit Company, which immediately appealed to the Dulles brothers. But oddly enough, they had to have the permission to remove Arbenz from Cardinal Spellman of New York. Francis Cardinal Spellman was the most powerful cleric in US history.

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