Be Very Afraid I’m going to pause the blog to bring you an update on current events. This is taken from books titled Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Galactic Diplomacy, by Michael Salla. 1. The Nazis had flying saucers before the end of the war and were supported by a negative ET group called the Draco Alliance. They were also supported by civilizations having huge bases and advanced technology under the earth. Also they were supported by the esoteric Vril Society. Eisenhower was forced to sign treaties with all these groups because they were also tied in with the Illuminati cabal. The Nazis did not lose the war. They infiltrated American institutions and build our space programs. The Fourth Reich is alive and well mostly in South America, but their ideas have influenced the US for the worse. 2. NASA was for the public. The real space program is secret. Ours is called Solar Warden. As mentioned before, the Nazis have their SSP, the cabal has their SSP, the corporate world has one (ICC), the UN has theirs. I heard recently that the US and Russia have a joint SSP. The Solar Warden is a fleet of cigar shaped ships. They have a tachyon drive which allows them to go anywhere in space instantly. They can go beyond the solar system, but usually they just patrol the SS. These ships are big enough to carry 3 small flying saucers and a large crew. Negative groups such as the cabal, the Nazis, the ICC and the Draco Alliance want the industrial base of the US to move out into the solar system and colonize on a large scale and set up infrastructure for industry and mining. 3. In interstellar space there is a huge bartering system. We have obtained hardware which we have reversed engineered. There is also bartering of humans to get advanced technology. But the negative ICC/cabal is doing this, not Solar Warden. 4.The UN built a secret space program and went beyond the solar system to the stars. 5. There are bases on Mars run by corporations which use slave labor. These slaves have been told that earth is no longer habitable. Three whistle blowers were allowed to visit a base and visit a family. One of them said something about life on earth, making the family nervous, so they were thrown in the brig. They were rescued by friendly ETs and taken to the moon. 6. There are millions of abductions of human beings. The abduction rings are composed of people you should trust: doctors, policemen and teachers. Then there are the professional abductors who find the right person for a special assignment. They will take advantage of an unattended child. Also they collect humans because some ETs eat human flesh. Sometimes abductees are rescued by positive ETs. They take these people to a special place where they can heal. They’re so destroyed they can’t go home. 7. As noted before, teleportation technology is being used. There is a jump gate and it’s like taking a tunnel through hyperspace. 8. Michael Salla’s witness was identified as suitable for the space program, so when he reached 18 he was put into the Navy’s Mars Defense Force. They developed his psychic abilities, remote viewing and remote influencing, until he became a psychic assassin. It’s called Tactical Remote Viewing (TRV). This means he can affect another person at a distance. He killed many Reptilians. It’s possible-I’ve done it myself. And I’ve had it done to me. I was psychically raped. 9. The Anunnaki left behind a few operatives when they departed earth. Those left behind were to control things. Robert Dean, a whistle blower, has met them. They and the Reptilians are in competition for control of earth. Dean says that the Anunnaki are players in world affairs now and in the past, and that they invented and control the secret societies. 8. According to astronomers, Nibiru will be on the same side of the Sun as the earth when it arrives around 2060. That means disaster for earth. 9. In 1964 the US and Russia had a base on Mars. 10. In 1942 the Nazis had a base on the moon; by 1945 they went beyond the solar system to Aldabaran. 11. Chemtrails are millions of tiny robots meant to enter our lungs. Information they gather is sent to a satellite about you.

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