Be Very Afraid. It is necessary to discuss Freemasonry in relation to the Illuminati because in the late 1700s the Illuminati mounted a hostile takeover of Freemasonic Lodges. Each Masonic guild had three levels: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason. Masons earned higher wages as they advanced through the levels. They were the most powerful craftsmen of their time. They also restricted the number of people allowed to join, ensuring higher incomes. Secrecy was ‘paramount’ and initiates were sworn to silence about methods of building, which had been perfected over the centuries. Lodges were small, community based, and a leader was elected. But evolution into something quite different took place. In 1717 leaders of four lodges met at the Apple Tree Tavern and established the Grand Lodge of Freemasons. The goals had a pseudo-religious character, with Protestant overtones. Members would-follow Christian principles-rationalize Christ’s message-apply science and logic to the Christian mystery. Thus, Freemasonry was on its way to being a global power. Soon Freemasons didn’t have to be stone masons to join. A man of sufficient stature in the community could join. Men who wanted to cultivate business or professional contacts could join. A new mystical initiation ceremony was added. Secrecy was maintained. A tie to the Knights Templar began to be discussed. According to Hays (Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man), there are many references to America in the Bible: multicultural, wealthy among nations, leader in trade and economics, influential in many countries, loud voice in the world, strong defenses, idolatrous lust for false gods and other material things, revels in epicurean pleasures, etc. These can be found in Jeremiah and Revelation. The idea is that America will fall just as the first Babylon fell. Washington (District of Columbia), as noted before, was built on conscious Freemason symbology. The Washington Monument is a phallic symbol that goes back to ancient Egypt and reflects the occult preoccupation with sex. The capitol dome is a feminine symbol. And the layout of the streets has significance in Masonic philosophy. The Illuminati had infiltrated France by 1787 in the person of revolutionary leader Count Mirabeau. They had also taken over all 266 Masonic lodges by 1789. The lower degree Masons were not aware of the worship of Lucifer in the top degrees. The Illuminati agitated the people, creating dissension among them. They plotted to create a food shortage and blamed it on the king. They then created inflation and the people started to starve. All diabolical manipulation. The people were manipulated into turning against the king. The Illuminati were directly responsible for fomenting the events that led to the French Revolution. They wanted a democratic government because such officials would be easy to control. They carried out a plan to reduce the population by one-third to one-half. They murdered over 300,000 people, including the king and his family. Only a citizen who responded with the correct Masonic hand signals was spared if revolutionaries came upon him. This culling was done to assure the stability of the new French Republic. The revolutionaries called themselves the Jacobin Club and were controlled by the Illuminati. At the official end of the revolution on July 28, 1794, revolutionary commander Robespierre was executed so he wouldn’t be a problem for the Illuminati, who then went back into the shadows, only using the power of money as they do today in the US. “Once the people actually felt like they controlled their own destiny, they were much more easily manipulated by the Illuminati, much like the citizens of the US are today.” (see Hays). When Adam Weishaupt died in 1830, the Illuminati found 33 degree Mason Giuseppe Mazzini to replace him. He had wrested Italy away from the Church and handed it over to the Illuminati. His group, Young Italy, had freed Italy from the monarchy as well. In the process, however, the MAFIA was born. Yes, you read it correctly. The Mafia is affiliated with the Illuminati. Young Italy supported themselves by robbing banks, running a protection racket, burning buildings of those who didn’t pay, and kidnapping for ransom. The acronym M.A.F.I.A. stands for “Mazzini authorizes theft, arson and kidnapping.” Organized crime had made its entrance onto the world stage.

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