Be Very Afraid The Illuminati tells the reader in Chapter 5 there is “The Need for Hardships.” “Fear not for the struggles you face in this moment: be they money, relationships, war or famine. Hardships exist to harden the armor surrounding your soul.” I am sure they mean someone else. But no, these worries affect everybody, no matter how wealthy and powerful they are. But we are “safe in the Light.” We are safe only if we obey, however. More wisdom-“Wealth is a lie. Money is merely words.” Words are the true power of the elite. Paper with words on it can be traded for anything. A human’s value is determined by the numbers on a computer screen. They say: “There is no finality in life except death, and no hardship too crushing for you to overcome.” How dare they preach that nonsense when they make the poor to be poorer, and cut programs for the sick and disadvantaged!!! And then…”however dark your world may seem, the ever-present glow of the Light will guide you to safety.” If the light is Lucifer’s light, and they sacrifice babies to him, then, no thanks. I’ll walk by God’s Light. Dice maintains that there was always a criminal core within the secret societies, starting with the Mystery Schools and continuing with the Illuminati. Alex Jones of InfoWars, an online alternative news site, infiltrated Bohemian Grove, a meeting place for the Illuminati near San Francisco, and videotaped the Cremation of Care ritual, which he then released as the film “Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove.” Mike Hanson, his friend, published the book Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy. The Cremation of Care is an “annual human sacrifice using an effigy which is symbolically sacrificed to Moloch, an ancient Canaanite god to which children were sacrificed. This ritual has been enacted for over 100 years with a papier- mache effigy. But other dark activities are said to occur there. Prostitutes from San Francisco claimed to have worked there. One prostitute wasn’t paid so she stole a laptop. On the laptop was “pictures and videos…of children being raped and tortured. Former Senator John DeCamp and other respected officials have made identical allegations about the kinds of activities which occur (at the Grove). After the 9/11 terror attacks legitimate scientists maintained that there were too many anomalies for a simple hijacking of 4 planes. Then Illuminati agents were sent out to say crazy things just to muddy the waters. For example, David Shayler, a former British intelligence agent, claimed that missiles were used in conjunction with holograms to make it seem like planes hit the towers. Far-fetched, but rational. But then he also claimed to be the messiah. Like I said, muddying the waters. This discredits other researchers on 9/11, the public then trusts nobody, and for sure they don’t trust the government because they’ve heard just enough to wonder. Most people know the 9/11 Commission Report was a joke, and many people feel it was an inside job. Many people are also aware that the Patriot Act was bad for them in some way they can’t quite figure out. I can figure it out. We are under constant surveillance.

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