Be Very Afraid The title of Chapter 4 is How You Are Watched. Every electronic communication we take part in is monitored-but we already knew that. The NSA just built an enormous facility in Utah just for that purpose. They say that there are no secrets. They know all my secrets because I wrote two books about them. And I’m really not concerned. But they do have us pinned down “because (the means of surveillance) exists in the core of every electronic device.” They say that the purpose of a computer is to gather data on the user (!) and “the level of risk the user poses to other humans.” Come on! I’m old enough-I was there when the computer and the internet were in their infancy. They evolved-got out of control of the military, where they started. Nobody could have foreseen where this would go! Anyway, the Illuminati has a dossier on every person on earth. Even a beggar in the slums of Calcutta? I doubt it. Not to say that beggar isn’t important. To God he’s very important. They know every website we ever visited, every document we ever typed, every video we ever watched, photos stored, etc. But many people don’t have a computer, so they monitor smart phones-nearly everyone has a cellphone. They promote reliance on technology so they can better safeguard society from global threats to its existence. That won’t help a bit if the environment collapses or the Reptilians decide to take over the planet. Our military is in a war with them now. They identify and track the movements of people through photos on the web, even those who don’t have a cellphone. They merely have to show up in someone’s photo. And then they tell the reader: “A false sense of security reveals the deepest secrets.” Those who try to hide behind anonymity software will be surprised to know that their secrets are transparent. The Illuminati created the software. I suppose the Dark Web is an open book to them. And when you put your data in the Cloud, they find it even easier to access. But in the end we are assured that our secrets are safe-they use an “algorithm only to identify risks.” Dice (The Illuminati: Fact and Fiction) has a different take on the Order: they definitely are not benevolent. They want a One World socialist government with two classes: the elite like themselves and the slaves, similar to the caste system in ancient India. The slaves will accept their situation because they will perpetuate the situation they have now: TV, football, a job they hate, alcohol, prescription drugs, credit cards, buying things they don’t need, and when it’s all too much, more alcohol. There will be a bubble on the stock market similar to the mortgage bubble, but worse. It will leave the rich, richer and the middle class even lower than before. The rich have tangible assets, so they aren’t affected by crashes. People with a 401k or a pension plan or a portfolio are affected. My sister lost $8,000 in the 2008 Recession. Dice discusses the 2008 Bush-Obama bailouts of the banks and auto industry. As a result of those bailouts, the federal government has become the largest shareholder in those banks and auto companies. He says, “The free market system and Capitalism itself has been replaced with socialism…” And the entire deal was orchestrated by the Illuminati. They were only too happy to advance socialism. Dice takes the Illuminati back to the days of the Knights Templar. Their bloodlines are ancient and the Reptilian factor has been there all along. Those in the Mystery Schools called themselves the Illumined Ones. Many secret societies were eventually taken over by the Illuminati. They tried to take over the Freemasons in Bavaria and the United States, but were stymied in both places. Dice quotes Gary Allen in reference to the Illuminati: “The originator…was Adam Weishaupt, the monster who founded the Order of Illuminati on May 1, 1776, for the purpose of conspiracy to control the world. (Their) role in the Reign of Terror is unquestioned…their techniques…recognized as models for Communist methodology.” Fritz Springmeier wrote a history of 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati: Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefeller, Russell, Van Duyn, and the Merovingian bloodline. They invent wars to control (and cut off) the people of both sides, and they finance both sides. 13 is a magical number for the Illuminati-child sacrifice and black magic is very much on their agenda. Springmeier claims that they have built and maintain a space station on Mars, and people find that hard to believe. But, believe it, people. It’s there. Mars is also being terra-formed, as is a couple of moons. There is an ‘elevator’-step into the ‘elevator’ and when the door opens you are on Mars. Teleportation. Only for the elite and those who work on the SSP. Springmeier was arrested for something he didn’t do, but most likely for writing about the Bloodlines (outing them, so to speak), and spent 9 years in prison. Payback. “Prosecutors painted Fritz as a right-wing anti-government nut because of his writings and lectures.” They found Bible verses and material about the New World Order on his computer-exactly what’s on my computer!

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