Be Very Afraid I’m going to pause the blog for an update on current events. Kerry Cassidy was being interviewed on YouTube and she had some news. Reptilians influence the Illuminati very negatively, if that’s possible. Reptilians eat human flesh, and the Illuminati share their “proclivities.” Hmm. After all, they do share DNA. Another bit of news is that those in the Secret Space Programs (SSP) have access to age regression pills. It regresses men to about 27 and women to 21. There are people currently who have been age regressed. One example may be Werner Von Braun, a Paperclip rocket specialist who worked at NASA designing rockets. A few months ago the Outer Banks of North Carolina were evacuated supposedly due to an electrical outage. Absurd? What really happened is that a portal to another world opened and spider-like creatures came out and started eating people on the beach. Portals do occasionally open, and atomic bombs are used to get rid of them. Anyway, the military had to have the help of raptors in fighting these creatures. Yes, I said raptors, just like in Jurassic Park. They are intelligent aliens which align themselves to the US Air Force. People are disappearing in the Middle East, especially from the refugee camps, where life is chaotic. They are taken off-planet by Reptilians and used for nefarious purposes. A writer for a military journal, Veterans Today, is writing about weather wars: how hurricanes can be directed to a predetermined location. Remember when Puerto Rico was wiped out? Or, making hurricanes might be an attempt to open a wormhole to the galactic center. Earthquakes can also be made to order. A lot of these weather wars are produced by H.A.A.R.P. which is a military facility in Alaska. It bounces radio waves off the ionosphere and then targets the returning waves anywhere on earth.


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