Be Very Afraid Mark Dice, in The Illuminati: Facts and Fiction, confirms that it’s a society of Satan worshipers. He also says that in presidential elections they “own both horses in the race.” An example is the 2004 election when John Kerry ran against George W. Bush. They were both members of Skull and Bones, an elite branch of the Illuminati. He also quotes Adam Weishaupt: “By this plan we shall direct all mankind…we shall set all…in flames. The pupils are convinced that the order WILL rule the world…every person shall be made a spy on another…we shall labor…to drive the enemies of reason and of humanity out of this world, and to establish a peculiar morality and religion fitted for the great Society of mankind.” How prophetic he was! As noted before, the Illuminati has control of the media, but with the Internet, alternative news and entertainment is now available. Weishaupt, as early as the 1700s, knew he had to control the media. He wrote: “By establishing reading societies and subscription libraries, and taking these under our direction…we may turn the public mind which way we will”(see Dice). Dice says they also knew the value of controlling newspapers. Dice discusses the cultural decay both caused and reflected by the media. I can attest to this: I rent DVDs from Netflix. One DVD had 4 or 5 previews before the movie. All of these previews were of movies with wars or some kind of fighting as a theme. They were noisy and boring movies, nothing I would want to watch. Most people don’t notice or don’t care about the change in the media. They don’t notice or care that TV programs have degenerated into immoral trash. And celebrity pregnancies head the news when they should be on the back page. How many times are we going to read about Stormy Daniels in the New York Times? Weishaupt knew how to manipulate women. They would have all the more zeal for the cause if they thought they were being liberated. “It will be an immense relief to their enslaved minds to be relieved from any one bond of restraint, and it will fire them the more, and cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so, for they will only be indulging their own desire for personal admiration”(see Dice). Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati purports to be published by the Illuminati itself. I’m trying to make up my mind if it’s a hoax or not. Well, here goes…First, it invites the reader to join the Society. It says the reader was led to the book by a ‘map’ drawn by the Society itself. It’s goal is “to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole.” The authority of the Society “supersedes that of individual governments, making decisions…(that they) are required to carry out.” The Illuminati’s purpose is to ensure the survival of humanity. I’m thinking ‘this could mean many things.’ The waters wax murky at this point: “Freedom is an idol of the human species.” Idol? Not Ideal? But our nature makes freedom impossible, they say. We are guided by the Illuminati, and we are “safest and happiest in that guidance.” Really murky here… Their symbols are everywhere, and “serve as gentle instruction for those who look up from the rocks of Earth and choose to follow the Light.” And we can guess where that light is coming from, or who. It certainly isn’t God. Here’s where they pin the reader down: “There will always be a voice that tells you this is not real…Our hold upon your subconscious will incline you to dismiss this as a hoax…something you needn’t investigate further…we are always watching out for you.” Actually, they are watching us, as we shall see. The Illuminati says it meets on an island in the Atlantic Ocean that isn’t on any maps. On the island is a concrete bunker. An elevator takes whoever is meeting down underground to a room called the White Room. There is nothing in this room but a glass table and glass chairs. The attendees take their clothes off in the elevator and don white robes. There is no electricity-only candlelight. Nothing is permitted-no cellphones, no paper, no pens or pencils. They say: “True power begins with the relinquishing of control.” That only works in 12-step programs. It’s shitty advice for the leader of a nation. Or someone trying to defend himself. It is a strategy in martial arts, but how many people have a black belt? Anyway, they are trying to sell the idea that freedom is a “placebo to alleviate feelings of chaos-a chaos that can only be harnessed by order.” I say freedom comes out of chaos-we have a big, chaotic society and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The title of Chapter Three is Methods of Mind Control. It starts with the worrisome statement: “Your mind is being controlled at this moment, but you have been trained to ignore it.” This is not only murky, but psychological warfare. They qualify this by admitting that humans have free will and free choice. Nonetheless, we respond to subtle cues in the environment that prompt us to take a certain direction. The reader was led to the book by subconscious cues. No, they were quite conscious-I’m writing a blog and I want information on you. They say that what’s in the mind determines whether one is rich or poor. That’s proven to be hogwash. It’s the world economy and the elite who is keeping people at their present level of poverty. They say the power of the mind affects reality. That’s a half-truth from quantum physics. A positive outlook can be a help in our daily lives. I depend on Jesus, and it has worked so far. There are people who can materialize objects from nothing-that’s quantum mechanics at it’s best. But I digress. They have conditioned our minds to doubt their existence. We will just be laughed at if we try to convince others of their existence. “By flooding the planet with false information and leaking incorrect data to those who investigate us, we are able to maintain our anonymity in the mists of confusion.” In other words: Don’t Believe A Word of

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