Be Very Afraid But first I’m going to discuss the Illuminati, arguably the most evil society ever created. Not much is known about this group, but we do know a few things: -it was formed between 1770 to 1776 -it was created by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amshel Rothschild- its goal is to destroy every nation/state on earth- a main goal is to form a one world government with a totalitarian dictatorship at its head- it plans to reduce the population of the world to 250 million people- it is said to worship Lucifer. It is at the heart of the Luciferian cabal running the earth today. But there’s another element in the picture. Reptilian aliens are behind the Illuminati directing every disaster, every false flag and every unpleasant event that happens on planet earth. Also, some of the Illuminati bloodlines have Reptilian blood, and these people are shapeshifters. These are ancient bloodlines. David Icke is my source for this information. I won’t tell you who these people are, but David will, so I recommend his books for more information. You should know that those terrible hurricanes, like the one that wiped out Puerto Rico, are made by man, not God. And Chemtrails? Why do so many kids have asthma? Most secret societies make use of the Cabbala. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but it only said that it was a mystical way of reading the Old Testament. But I’m sure it’s much more than that. The Illuminati and German Freemasonry merged in 1782 during the Congress of Wilhelmsbad. So, knowing that our Founding Fathers were Masons, we now find out that they were Illuminized Freemasons. Such infusion of Illuminati ideas into Freemasonry included “the end justifies the means,” and “to achieve synthesis requires two opposing forces.” This is exactly how the Illuminati stages an event-problem/reaction/solution. The problem might be 9/11, the reaction is awe and confusion, the solution is the 9/11 Commission Report, in which nothing is revealed at all. The Masonic slogan is Order out of Chaos, which means New World Order- just what the Illuminati are trying to foist on the people of earth.

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